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find (something) wanting

To discover or determine that someone or something is deficient in certain or overall requirements, expectations, or standards. The report found the government's stimulus plan wanting in several key areas. Though impressed by his application letter, the firm found his C.V. wanting. Mary was found wanting in basic social etiquette by her peers.
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find (something) out the hard way

To learn or discover something through personal experience, especially that which is difficult, painful, or unpleasant. Can also be phrased as "find out about something the hard way." Starting your own business is really tough. I had to find that out the hard way. Everyone will tell you that becoming a parent is challenging, but you never really know what that means until you find out about it the hard way.
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find (one's) (own) level

To reach one's level of proficiency, comfort, or competency in a particular area. I'm so impressed with the interns—they've really found their level now. It takes time to find your own level as a teacher, but you'll get there—we all do.
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find (one's) feet

To reach a level of comfort in a new situation. It took a while, but I've finally found my feet in my job. I know you're nervous, but all freshmen are—you'll find your feet at school, don't worry.
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find (one's) voice

1. To find one's distinctive style or vision of artistic expression. I think this is your best story yet, Betsy—you've really found your voice as a writer. It takes time to find your voice, but I'm confident you'll get there by the end of our photography class.
2. To regain the ability to speak, especially after something frightening or startling has happened. It took him a minute, but Pete found his voice again after we startled him at his surprise party.
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find out how the land lies

To make observations about or come to understand a particular state of affairs or the way a situation exists or has developed, especially before taking any decisive or definitive action. Given the turbulent nature of this market, I think it would be prudent for us to find out how the land lies before we agree to invest in your company. I'm just finding out how the land lies between my parents before I make any solid plans to come visit them.
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find the time

To devote time in one's busy schedule to do something; to make the time to do something. When am I supposed to find the time to make cupcakes for the school bake sale? I have two important meetings today at work! I try to find the time to meditate every day.
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nowhere to be found

Unable to be discovered; completely gone or vanished. I swear I was just holding them in my hand, but now my keys are nowhere to be found! The box says it comes with batteries, but they're nowhere to be found.
See also: found, nowhere

find (one's) tongue

To regain the ability to speak, especially after feeling frightened or nervous, or not knowing what to say. It took him a minute, but Pete found his tongue again after we startled him at his surprise party. The little boy, who had been huddled nervously at the back, found his tongue and told the detectives what happened.
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find common ground

To find shared ideas, interests, or beliefs, especially between people who often disagree. I was worried when my boyfriend and uncle started arguing over their different political views, but luckily they found common ground when discussing their favorite TV shows.
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find God

To begin to embrace a certain religion or a spiritual connection. Ted's become a completely different person since he found God.
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find (one's/its) way

To arrive at a particular place or situation unintentionally. I found my way into counseling after the grief became too much to bear.
See also: find, way

find (one's) match

To encounter one's equal or superior in ability, skill, etc., especially in a competitive setting. Stevenson used to be the dominant player on the tour, but it looks like she has finally found her match in the young newcomer. A lot of kids who are used to being the smartest student in school are a little shell-shocked when they find their match in college.
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founding father

Someone who was instrumental in the beginning or creation of something. This phrase is capitalized when used to refer to the members of the US Constitutional Convention. As the founding fathers of this club, we really want to see it thrive after we graduate. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were among the nation's Founding Fathers.
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founding father (of something)

A man who was instrumental in the creation or pioneering of something. Many consider Alexander Fleming to be the founding father of modern antibiotics. The day is a celebration of the founding fathers of the small country.
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founding mother (of something)

A woman who was instrumental in the creation or pioneering of something. The founding mother of what we now call child psychology, she believed that studying the patterns of children's thoughts and behaviors could provide insight into their motivations and determine how they develop into adults. The founding mother of the corporation is one of the few female billionaires in the world.
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found money

money that has come to someone with such ease or surprise that one might have just as well found it by accident. The money he got from his uncle's estate is all found money except for the taxes. He did nothing to earn it.
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found something (up)on something

to establish something on some kind of basis or justification. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The owners founded this company upon prompt service. We founded our business on practically no money.
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an office or department that handles items that someone has lost that have been found by someone else. The lost-and-found office had an enormous collection of umbrellas and four sets of false teeth! I found a book on the seat of the bus. I turned it in to the driver, who gave it to the lost-and-found office.

find common ground

COMMON If two people or groups who generally disagree find common ground, they find a particular subject or opinion that they agree about. The participants seem unable to find common ground on the issue of agriculture. Both leaders were keen to stress that they were seeking to find common ground. Note: You can also say that people or groups are on common ground. Mike and I were on common ground. We both wanted what was in the best interests of the company.
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find God

experience a religious conversion or awakening.
See also: find, god

founding father

someone who establishes an institution.
Founding Father is used in particular of an American statesman at the time of the Revolution, especially a member of the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787 .
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all ˈfound

(old-fashioned) with free food and accommodation in addition to your wages: My grandmother told me how she used to work as a maid, and was paid £3 a week all found.
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nowhere to be ˈfound/ˈseen

(also nowhere in ˈsight) impossible to find: They searched the house but the necklace was nowhere to be found.By the time I arrived at the station, the others were nowhere in sight.
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the ˌfounding ˈfather(s) of something

(formal) the people who found or start a country, an organization, a branch of science, etc: Charles Babbage, the founding father of computer science
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found on

or found upon
To establish the basis of something with some other thing; base something on something else: The original inhabitants founded their community on the basis of shared labor. The laws are founded upon deep principles of justice.
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lost-and-found badge

n. a military identification tag; a military dog tag. (From the Persian Gulf War.) My father still keeps his lost-and-found badge from the Korean War.
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Some founding companies now run by second generation
Three founding members who also served as president of the association have died.
The other founding members were George Lutjen of McGraw-Hill, now retired; George Spencer, who launched and later sold more newsletters than any other independent publisher; and Ken Campbell, Pat Haskell, John Jeffers, and Daniel Sullivan.
We applaud AMD and founding sponsors HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems for helping to raise industry awareness of the need for solutions that will address these rapidly emerging critical issues.
Commenting on their efforts, the founding companies stated, "We are delighted to partner together to explore the development of this new online marketplace for the building materials industry.
The initial development phase of the marketplace will focus on the procurement of lumber and related commodity wood products, which account for a substantial portion of each founding company's purchases.
is Founding Member of MSP Association, Defining Standards for Management Service Provider Sector
a leading MSP delivering systems management to mid-sized IT organizations, announced that it is a founding member of the MSP Association, an international consortium of 19 companies that was formed to define, shape and promote the emerging Management Service Provider sector.
org Steering Committee will be led by these founding organizations, although other companies are welcome to participate in the future by becoming Partners or Affiliates.
SoftQuad Software is a founding members of OASIS and is very pleased to be a founding member of XML.
Acorn Communications, Founding Participating Member AG Communication Systems, Founding Principal Member Ameritech, Participating Member Andersen Consulting, Founding Principal Member AMTEVA, Participating Member AT&T, Founding Principal Member Belgacom Mobile S.
These shares are currently held by BAESA Shareholders Associates ("BSA"), a partnership between Argentine Bottling Associates, of which the founding shareholders are directly or indirectly general partners, and Pepsi-Cola International.
Beach, BAESA's chairman and chief executive officer, and Michael Gerrits, both of whom are BAESA's principal and controlling founding shareholders.