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Thus, the Clovis-Blitzkrieg paradigm no longer seems to hold, nor is the Greenberg three languages with three founding migrations model accepted.
al., "Asian affinities and continental radiation of the four founding Native American mtDNAs," American Journal of Human Genetics 53 (1993) 563-590.
al., "Distribution of the four founding lineage haplotypes in Native Americans suggests a single wave of migration for the New World," American Journal of Physical Anthropolgy 98 (1995): 411-430; P.
McCullough's biography of Adams contradicts the modern establishment's depiction of the Founding Fathers as a corrupt cabal of white male racists bent on preserving their privileged status.
McCullough introduces other Founding Fathers largely through their actions toward Adams.
Surprisingly, only one of the 17 founding members of NPA went "bust."
And some founding members are still expanding their companies and are active in the newsletter industry.
A leading intellectual in the movement, Duberman was among the founding members of such groups as Lambda Legal Defense and the National Gay Task Force.