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Some founding companies now run by second generation
Three founding members who also served as president of the association have died.
The other founding members were George Lutjen of McGraw-Hill, now retired; George Spencer, who launched and later sold more newsletters than any other independent publisher; and Ken Campbell, Pat Haskell, John Jeffers, and Daniel Sullivan.
We applaud AMD and founding sponsors HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems for helping to raise industry awareness of the need for solutions that will address these rapidly emerging critical issues.
Commenting on their efforts, the founding companies stated, "We are delighted to partner together to explore the development of this new online marketplace for the building materials industry.
The initial development phase of the marketplace will focus on the procurement of lumber and related commodity wood products, which account for a substantial portion of each founding company's purchases.
is Founding Member of MSP Association, Defining Standards for Management Service Provider Sector
a leading MSP delivering systems management to mid-sized IT organizations, announced that it is a founding member of the MSP Association, an international consortium of 19 companies that was formed to define, shape and promote the emerging Management Service Provider sector.
org Steering Committee will be led by these founding organizations, although other companies are welcome to participate in the future by becoming Partners or Affiliates.
SoftQuad Software is a founding members of OASIS and is very pleased to be a founding member of XML.
Acorn Communications, Founding Participating Member AG Communication Systems, Founding Principal Member Ameritech, Participating Member Andersen Consulting, Founding Principal Member AMTEVA, Participating Member AT&T, Founding Principal Member Belgacom Mobile S.
These shares are currently held by BAESA Shareholders Associates ("BSA"), a partnership between Argentine Bottling Associates, of which the founding shareholders are directly or indirectly general partners, and Pepsi-Cola International.
Beach, BAESA's chairman and chief executive officer, and Michael Gerrits, both of whom are BAESA's principal and controlling founding shareholders.