found (up)on

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found (up)on

To create or establish something on a particular foundation, idea, or principle. This sort of despicable behavior is certainly not what I founded the company on.
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found something (up)on something

to establish something on some kind of basis or justification. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The owners founded this company upon prompt service. We founded our business on practically no money.
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found on

or found upon
To establish the basis of something with some other thing; base something on something else: The original inhabitants founded their community on the basis of shared labor. The laws are founded upon deep principles of justice.
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References in classic literature ?
A CELEBRATED Divine having affirmed the fallibility of the Bible, was asked why, then, he preached the religion founded upon it.
But we cannot claim Everyman altogether as English literature, for it is translated from, or at least founded upon, a Dutch play.
This mythical tale, of which the subject was a history of the wars of the Athenians against the Island of Atlantis, is supposed to be founded upon an unfinished poem of Solon, to which it would have stood in the same relation as the writings of the logographers to the poems of Homer.
The description of a domestic government founded upon rules directly contrary to those of Aristotle.
"One of our generalizations is that every system founded upon class and caste contains within itself the germs of its own decay.
Except the Catholic Church, there was no single religious institution which was founded upon liberty and equality.
"The SOCIAL CONTRACT founded upon this basis will be a perpetual pact between those who have and those who have not.
The anatomical fact of this labyrinth is indisputable; and that the supposition founded upon it is reasonable and true, seems the more cogent to me, when I consider the otherwise inexplicable obstinacy of that leviathan in having his spoutings out, as the fishermen phrase it.
I could not but agree, that the laws of this kingdom relative to the STRULDBRUGS were founded upon the strongest reasons, and such as any other country would be under the necessity of enacting, in the like circumstances.
Have there not been as many wars founded upon commercial motives since that has become the prevailing system of nations, as were before occasioned by the cupidity of territory or dominion?
Primatec is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and selling various products founded upon highly functional polymer products such as LCP (liquid crystal polymer) electronic materials.
THERE is a direct parallel between the unexpected rise of Donald Trump and the victory of Brexit in Britain, since both are founded upon incoherent angry emotion, without any intention to listen to thoughtful "experts", meaning anyone who can value opinions other than their own.
THE most reliable political opinions are founded upon the known historical truth, as when the EU vision was first founded by the leaders of France and Germany in order to avoid further world wars by guiding nations to work together.
Founded upon ideas brought forth during a conference in 2008 entitled oLove Objects: Engaging Material Cultureo at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland, the material is arranged into sections that focus on a variety of media and object types, as well as geographic locations and time periods.
"The unrivalled reputation of both our brands is founded upon a long history of listening to our customers and producing products of the highest quality that combine modern innovation with tradition and heritage."
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