find (one's)/its way

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find (one's)/its way

To arrive at a particular place or situation unintentionally or in a roundabout way. I found my way into counseling after the grief became too much to bear.
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find its way somewhere

[for something] to end up in a place. (This expression avoids accusing someone of moving the thing to the place.) The money found its way into the mayor's pocket. The secret plans found their way into the enemy's hands.
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find one's way (around)

Fig. to be able to move about an area satifactorily without getting lost. I can go downtown by myself. I can find my way around. I know the area well enough to find my way.
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find one's way (somewhere)

[for someone] to discover the route to a place. Mr. Smith found his way to the museum. Can you find your way home?
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find one's way

Reach a destination, especially with some difficulty or not as a matter of course. For example, She finally found her way to the remote cabin, or Some slang phrases have found their way into standard English. The literal use of this term dates from the 1200s, the figurative from the early 1800s.
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find your/its ˈway (to/into...)

come to a place or a situation by chance or without intending to: After several other jobs, he eventually found his way into acting.
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