find for (someone or something)

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find for (someone or something)

To declare that someone or something is innocent, as in a courtroom. The jury found for the plaintiff, and the defendant had to pay a hefty fine.
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find for someone or something

[for a jury or a judge] to announce a decision in favor of one side of a lawsuit. The judge found for Mrs. Franklin, and that made her family quite happy. The court found for the plaintiff and admonished the defense lawyer.
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find for

To decide that someone or something is innocent, as in a court of law: The judge found for the plaintiff after the hearing.
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It was this confidence that painting could do justice to more than the narrowly visible that, as the century progressed, mutated into the pursuit of expression, or the conviction that visual equivalents could be found for something else that wasn't strictly visible: the mind, or spirit.
Elsewhere there's the sublime guitar playing of Ali Farka Toure (what a pity no room was found for something from his wonderful collaboration with Ry Cooder of a few years back).