find against (someone or something)

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find against (someone or something)

To declare that someone or something is guilty, as in a courtroom. I'm glad to hear that the jury found against the defendants—there was more than enough evidence to prove their guilt.
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find against someone or something

[for a jury or a judge] to announce a decision against one side of a lawsuit. The jury found against the defendant, who was a horrible witness. The court found against the corporation and levied a fine.
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find against

To decide that someone or something is guilty, as in a court of law: The jury found against the defendants.
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He further deposed that he had filed an interim investigation report in the case, stating that no concrete evidence was found against one detained suspect Bilal, alias Tension, to link him with the alleged crime and had sought his release under Section 497(2) of the CrPC.
He found against one councillor who said Scientology was "stupid", another for a so-called "racially motivated attack" on another councillor with English translations of German words but was lenient to Councillor McEvoy after he described a member of the public as a "liar".
The moderate cytotoxicity was found against one NSCLC line (EKVX), one colon cancer line (HT29), two melanoma lines (SK-MEL-2 and SK-MEL-5), two ovarian cancer lines (OVCAR-4 and OVCAR-5), three renal cancer lines (A498, ACHN and SN12C), and one breast cancer line (MCF-7) with [GI.sub.50] ranging from 10 to 40 [mu]M (22.3, 36.