find against (someone or something)

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find against (someone or something)

To declare that someone or something is guilty, as in a courtroom. I'm glad to hear that the jury found against the defendants—there was more than enough evidence to prove their guilt.
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find against someone or something

[for a jury or a judge] to announce a decision against one side of a lawsuit. The jury found against the defendant, who was a horrible witness. The court found against the corporation and levied a fine.
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find against

To decide that someone or something is guilty, as in a court of law: The jury found against the defendants.
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A 44-year-old Czech national was arrested on Sunday at the Ayios Dometios checkpoint after two European arrest warrants issued by the Czech Republic were found against him.
He said nothing has been proven by his detractors and no evidence has been found against him.
The police informed the court that no evidence was found against him during the remand, adding the two sons of Maulana Sami had also submitted an affidavit to the police that Ahmed Shah was innocent, therefore he may be released.
Nawaz Sharif told that no evidence of corruption in national exchequer was found against him, adding that his children started their business abroad.
He claimed that he was kept in unlawful custody for hours and when nothing found against him then he was released.
Referring to the Avenfield reference verdict against him he stated, "'it is written in the verdict that Nawaz has not done any corruption and no proof of corruption found against him".
Sharif claimed that the accountability judge had said that no evidence of corrupt practices was found against him.
CADD minister allegedly also appointed corrupted persons as principals of institutions, while corruptions allegation in medicine and PARA also found against him.
He said that Imran Khan's personal issues are being raised when there are no allegations found against him. 'Billions are found in Sindh and Balochistan, when nothing is found against Imran Khan then his personal lives is criticised.'
He was sentenced to three-year imprisonment only for his illegal entry into Pakistan as nothing else was found against him to prove him a spy.
Kicsma, now a retired 65-year-old, did not attend the hearing to accept or deny charges when the case was found against him and he was banned from working in social care.
The champion jump jockey will have to sit out this Sunday after the Jockey Club disciplinary panel found against him over his riding of the unplaced Case Equal in the Vaillant Boilers Novices' Handicap Hurdle on July 6.
The Birmingham hearing found against him on three other charges of misconduct at Grange School in Shrewsbury.
Back in May, the committee found against him on two lesser counts but put off making a decision on whether to take any sanctions against him until it knew the outcome of the main allegation.
A 21-year-old man who was arrested on Tuesday in connection with a bank robbery in Peyia, Paphos, earlier in the day has been released as no evidence was found against him, police announced on Wednesday.