find against (someone or something)

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find against (someone or something)

To declare that someone or something is guilty, as in a courtroom. I'm glad to hear that the jury found against the defendants—there was more than enough evidence to prove their guilt.
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find against someone or something

[for a jury or a judge] to announce a decision against one side of a lawsuit. The jury found against the defendant, who was a horrible witness. The court found against the corporation and levied a fine.
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find against

To decide that someone or something is guilty, as in a court of law: The jury found against the defendants.
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The IO in his charge sheet pleaded to drop the name of another accused Runa Akter alias Rakiber Maa, who brought the maids to this flat, from the case as no specific charges were found against her.
Talpur said she held the office of District Nazim twice and nothing found against her during that period.
Dr Squier, 67, who works at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, denied misconduct, but the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel in Manchester found against her.
IN a story on page 11 of yesterday'sWestern Mail, headlined "Care home manager acted dishonestly", which concerned Deborah Higley, 45, a mental health nurse who had nine charges of misconduct found against her while working as a home manager at Sandringham Villa Nursing Home in Weston-super-Mare, we made the following errors which we are happy to correct.
But the House of Lords found against her and ordered she pay the Agency's legal costs as well as her own.
The teenager - who wept and had to be comforted by her mother when the court found against her - was warned she could be facing a period in a young offenders' institution.