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Trust Narcissus to act smug in the foulness of death.
In line with its usual practice, it only "summons up feelings of physical revulsion" (Calabrese and Eliason 1995: 262), as when it points out that as soon as Adam's descendants stooped so low as to commit homosexual acts (5), their natural beauty withered, giving way to a sort of foulness that the devils themselves found attractive:
The world was not made of energy and delight, but of foulness, betrayal and lassitude.
The sun glares mercilessly, foulness rents the air, As weird dark shapes form, They manifest, as darkness once the domain of night Becomes day, The world had been warned, The future had been shown many times, Tormented shadows, visions developing into reality, Chance broken, time bespoken, life's erosion, Through nature's corrosion; 'And now we pray, what can we do, who will help us To salvage life's creation?
Rotting, foulness, poison, contagion, corruption, melancholy, judgment, embodiment, inwardness, usurpation, alienation, and impersonation--the themes of Hamlet are the themes of leprosy.
the vast forest of mankind should spring up urgent and young out of the brittle, marshy foulness of the old corruption'" ("NH" 132).
The council is empowered to impose fines of nearly $1 million upon those publications and broadcasters deemed to have "insulted" a particular group, along with an amorphous entity defined as "the majority." In another case, by contrast, reader comments on an article in the pro-government newspaper Magyar Hirlap were riddled with antisemitic slurs of jaw-dropping foulness, yet not a peep has been heard from the Media Council.
In its ambiguity it encompassed the greatest foulness and the greatest purity, life and death, fertility and destruction, horror and fascination.
Just as the blowing of the winds preserves the sea from foulness which would be the result of a long calm, so also corruption in nations would be the result of prolonged, let alone 'perpetual,' peace."4 Whether domestic or international, political systems undisturbed by war cannot cleanse and renew themselves; like still seas, they become foul.
The first section of "This Compost" seemed like a release of hidden pressure, wherein the terror of a suppressed truth came out momentarily, bringing with it an abattoir's foulness.
That foulness, has not, however, overly affected me, in trying to compose this particular editorial.
When she considers gender explicitly later on in her discussion of verses four and five, Rossetti's language certainly becomes excoriating; she describes Babylon as "this obscene woman" who could show "the particular foulness, degradation, loathsomeness, to which a perverse rebellious woman because feminine not masculine is liable" (p.
"[Ozick] has produced an indigestibly sour work of fiction whose dominant emotion is disgust: disgust at the body and its foulness, and disgust at the range of human selfishness, evil and folly.