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has most foully worked on the diseased fancy of Englishmen ...
When man's life lay for all to see groveling foully, crushed beneath the weight of Superstition (religione) which displayed her head from the regions of heaven, lowering over mortals with horrible aspect, a man of Greece was first that dared to uplift mortal eyes against her, the first to make stand against her; for neither fables of the gods could quell him, nor the lightning flash (fidmina), nor heaven with menacing roar.
Exactly a week earlier in northern Iraq, a brave minister of the autonomous Kurdish government was foully done to death by a bunch of bin Laden clones calling themselves Ansar al-Islam.
Another former friend of mine, Mazen Zahawi, was Saddam Hussein's interpreter until shortly after the Gulf War, when he was foully murdered and then denounced as a homosexual.
the police see their friends and comrades foully murdered [and] suffer intense provocation, but they must continue to maintain, in spite of this provocation, that self-control which has characterised them in the past....
But when you saw that picture of him standing in front of the house that had been so foully daubed, in your heart of hearts weren't you tempted, just a little bit, to laugh?
He shares an apartment with his self-sacrificing Aunt Bernie and a couple of nieces, Jade and Min, who curse each other foully while feeding their children ice cream and chocolate syrup from baby bottles.
After a vivid description of the moon that suggests temporal anomalies in the scene, Molloy goes on to write, "I say that now, but after all what do I know now about then, now when the icy words hail down upon me, the icy meanings, and the world dies too, foully named" (41).
The terms "United States" and "Department of State" are here foully prostituted, by this supposed prose master, since they are used as synonyms for Henry Kissinger.
The Official in Green glared at him with unconcealed hatred; then he beckoned to one of the porters, a wrinkled old sot, foully reeking of firewater, and told him to conduct us to the nearest inn, the "Gasthof zum Lieben Augustin." The three of us stumbled city-wards through the night; the moon was down; the porter swayed in the windless dark, failing a step or two behind us, and beneath his breath he muttered desultory trade-union oaths, which could have landed him in jail.
They may even be disgustingly, horribly, loathsomely despicable; foully, incomprehensibly and nauseatingly repulsive; hideously, repellently horrid and abominable - although I do have to admit I haven't quite made up my mind yet.
Lucius Junius was the youngest son of a worthy citizen foully murdered by the king's agents in the days of Tarquin the Proud.
Their ex-Prefect, who had done nothing about it, was killed quickly, but Parthenius, the chamberlain, was foully mutilated before they strangled him.
[with his left foot he trod upon the dead, tearing away the belt's huge weight and the story of the crime thereon engraved--the youthful band foully slain on one nuptial night, and the chambers drenched with blood--which Clonus, son on Eurytus, had richly chased in gold.!