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Spurs may sit in third place but they join Liverpool and Man City in not being the most fouled team.Tottenhamrank 13th in the table, Spurs are fouled on average 9.5 times per game.
Caption: John hunted with this custom .338 Winchester Magnum frequently during the 1990s, but despite the bore being very smooth, it copper fouled to the point where he considered replacing the barrel.
The comparison of SEM micrographs of fresh and fouled membranes shows that crystal deposits are observed on the surface of the membranes tested using the three desiccant solutions.
A test apparatus and data acquisition system have been developed, along with a plan for testing coils in clean and fouled condition to determine the effects of fouling on heat transfer and pressure drop.
Alexis Sanchez has been fouled 37 times in 14 Arsenal games this season, an average of 2.6 per match.
Leeds have been fouled 207 times and MK Dons 199 times.
The Belgian has been fouled 96 times so far this season, the equivalent of three times a game.
The water friction factor in clean ([f.sub.w,c]) and fouled ([f.sub.w,f]) conditions could be calculated according to the following definitions:
"We weren't getting to loose balls, and we fouled too much.
Because all of the shells are slightly different sizes, percent cover was calculated as the total number of points fouled divided by the total number of points of the entire shell.
Wenger says Arsenal have committed the least fouls in the Premier League for the past three years - and have been fouled the most.
Ahead of this weekend's programme he had been fouled 95 times - considerably more than Cesc Fabregas with 64 fouls, and followed then by Freddie Ljungberg with 47.
One dog was seen to foul a car park while the others fouled the sand.
AIMM Technologies' Hydrokinetics cleaning process, for the clearing and cleaning of fouled interiors of tubes, pipes and lines is based in the induction of "sonic resonance" into the cleaning water stream or medium.