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Are officials supposed to start refereeing City games differently and be more card-happy because of perceived reputation, dishing out more cards for fouls in a team's own half whenever it is a Guardiola team because they are more adept than others at stopping teams before they can get out of their own half?
Looking through either end of a barrel with our naked (or spectacled or contact-lensed) eye reveals very little information, except whether the rifling right behind the muzzle is copper fouled or the bore is really rough, whether due to toolmarks, corrosion, or erosion.
Explaining why Traore's appeal was rejected, the FA released a statement on Thursday, saying: "Adama Traore's threematch suspension for serious foul play remains in place after his wrongful dismissal and excessive punishment claims were dismissed following an Independent Regulatory Commission."
Only Leeds and MK Dons have been fouled more often than Gary Rowett's men.
When the referee calls an ordinary foul, the offended team is awarded a free throw at the point of the foul.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Never Foul A Jump Shooter: A Guide to Basketball Lingo, Lessons and Laughs" is a quick, easy, and above all, an informative read from beginning to end.
IFTAR PREPARATION: Customers stand in queues to buy famous foul dish in Jeddah.
A minute later, Holy Cross' best chance at slowing Kempton, All-Patriot League senior Dave Dudzinski, picked up his fourth foul and had to go to the bench.
Opposition members say the authority is failing to prosecute dog owners for allowing their animals to foul public paths and open areas - and have now called for stricter enforcement.
Some people do seem to have a blind spot when it comes to deciding what is and what isn't acceptable when you fall foul of the laws of the game.
IT was a foul. Everyone else, though, seems to be praising Stoke's goal in Monday night's 1-1 draw at West Ham.
In NBA games, a player can commit at most six personal fouls before he is disqualified from the game, where a foul is an infraction charged to the player by a referee.
THREE counties have received 5,168 complaints in five years against irresponsible dog owners who let their pets foul the streets.