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forward on

To send something on to a subsequent recipient, destination, or address. A noun or pronoun can be used between "forward" and "on." I took the liberty of forwarding on the contract to our London office. You can just forward that letter on to my attorney.
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forward something (from some place) (to someone or some place)

to send something onward to someone from the place it was originally received. We forwarded the letter from Chicago to Springfield. Kelly forwarded the letter to her brother.
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And I further agree not to part with a proof of the etching or an impression of the plate in any stage of forwardness whatever; or allow a copy to be made of the original or proof, or any part of either of them; without the consent of the aforesaid agents; and also to deliver the plate with the engraved surface and edges perfectly clean, and well coated with wax, or such other protection as will secure them from rust or other injury, and to be in all respects ready to be printed.
It goes on to say they "have an endearing straight forwardness and pride in their school"
This elegant wine has a spicy character with toasty notes, which is only enhanced by its fruit forwardness showing fresh cherry and ripe strawberries; pairs well with that freshly roasted turkey.
The DCM's forwardness and reduced ability to produce a very solid phantom image may not be to your liking.
I beg you, dear Mrs Virginia Woolf, to indulge me for this too long letter and to excuse my forwardness.
Using in-depth narrative interviews with middle managers and clerical workers Skinner asks: 'Faced with the evidence of sudden departures and their emotional remainders, what did these workers do to manage their anxieties and maintain the sense of forwardness so essential to their identities?' (2004: 423).
Clem is animated by a breezy impulsivity and forwardness. Throughout the course of the film, her hair color varies from blue to red to tangerine.
Her forwardness, combined with her fluent German, prove a threat to the ladies, and they withhold the letter's contents from their guest.
The church was in great forwardness, Cooke reported in the summer of 1793.
Straightforward himself, he expected the same straight forwardness from others.
The article tests for the equality of the unconditional variances of inflation, the output gap, and the change in the interest rate across three variants of the new Keynesian model that differ in the degree of forwardness of expectations.
Through her time as a BGCT employee, some powerful pastors criticized her "forwardness" in speaking to both men and women.
Racing manager Simon Crisford confirmed that the colt -over whose forwardness trainer Saeed Bin Suroor raised doubts earlier this week-was on the easy list.