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carry forward

1. To cause a plan or situation to progress. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "forward." With your shared passion for this initiative, I'm confident that you two can carry it forward.
2. In accounting, to transfer an entry to the next page or column. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "forward." Did you carry forward the total from the last page? If not, that might be the source of the error.
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come forward

1. To move toward a point of congregation; to step forward. Anyone involved in the ceremony may come forward at this time.
2. To share information, often in court or otherwise regarding a wrongdoing. Will the first witness please come forward? The police are asking anyone with more information on the crime to come forward.
3. To present oneself to offer help. Luckily, an audience member came forward to help me with the microphone.
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forward something (from some place) (to someone or some place)

to send something onward to someone from the place it was originally received. We forwarded the letter from Chicago to Springfield. Kelly forwarded the letter to her brother.
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There is no consensus among researchers about the degree of forwardness (of inflation expectations) in the Phillips curve.
Another joke concerns Miss Fitzgerald's forwardness.
There was a lesson in Mansfield Park about forwardness and where it could lead.
The literal meaning of 'adl therefore, is a combination of moral and religious values (which stand against the inclination to do otherwise) denoting fairness, balance, temperance and straight forwardness.
His brilliantly-trained Atlanta Symphony Chorus remind the listener of the CBS Chorus' forwardness of tone and clarity of diction, even in this unaccustomed language.
The mids and highs are especially revealing -- not in an excessive way, the forwardness leading to an increase in perception of what is exactly going on in the program material.
The imprisoning superabundance making Caravaggio queasy has been a whole procedure of ambiguousness and increasing nimiety: the forwardness that could be recalcitrance or perversity, the backwardness of the self that is the dead past and awkward inexperience.
The forwardness of his rhythms resist dying into posterity, or finish, as to create a lasting voice is also to turn over an individuated voice to the larger tradition.
The company builds on its core values of quality, durability and fashion forwardness by investing heavily in new product design and development.
Musharraf said he specially liked Bush's straight forwardness.
Liddiard also credits SATC with dispelling the myth that sexual forwardness in women smacks of desperation.
As the guests arrive and the arrangements come chaotically together, he and his wife reflect on their own old school, comfy relationship Modern girl niece Ayesha starts coming on to her cousin who is just returned from college in Australia and taken aback at such Asian forwardness.
Elizabeth's provocative social manner remains within the wiry bounding line of decorum, but it surely reproduces, in moderated form, her mother's forwardness.
The overall soundstage perspective is quite realistic, but at times the forwardness of the vocals appears to put the listener in the front and back rows simultaneously.
The male figure, headless though he was, conveyed surprise at the forwardness of his partner's search.