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forward on

To send something on to a subsequent recipient, destination, or address. A noun or pronoun can be used between "forward" and "on." I took the liberty of forwarding on the contract to our London office. You can just forward that letter on to my attorney.
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forward something (from some place) (to someone or some place)

to send something onward to someone from the place it was originally received. We forwarded the letter from Chicago to Springfield. Kelly forwarded the letter to her brother.
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Nevertheless, the Las Sereas 7 pes prints are tetradactyl, with a subrectangular contour and with digit I and II impressions forwardly oriented and III and IV impressions laterally curved.
The Errancy by Jorie Graham (1997) tackles this tension of feminist certainties and compliance: Utopia: remember the sensation of direction we loved, How it tunnelled forwardly for us, And us so feudal in its wake-- specking of diamond-dust as I think of it now, that being carried forward by the notion of human perfectibility-like a pasture imposed on the rising vibrancy of endless diamond-dust And how we would comply, someday.
If not addressed, a forwardly tilted pelvis can become the foundation for misaligned joints including the spine, lower and upper extremities, and can lead to overworked quadriceps and premature fatigue during a race.
I do not see ingredient suppliers forwardly integrating into finished goods marketing, but I do see the roles changing in the development cycle.
After rejecting her betrothed and losing her father, she cross-dresses (stereotypically, with a sombrero and a Mexican blanket) to escape imprisonment by the evil San Antonio priest, forwardly declares her love for Mary's beloved Dr.
The recorded sound of Bocelli's voice is superb, ringing loudly and clearly but not too forwardly, with the violin well balanced by his side.
we cannot straight forwardly read off cases of penumbral truths from our unreformed intuitions, for the sorites inductive premise would then count as a penumbral truth....
In order to survive in this new environment, domestic wholesalers will have to broaden their product portfolios, provide value-added services such as channel marketing, integrate forwardly into retailing, or expand through acquisitions of other wholesalers.
begins with the remark "Many of us still have welts on the back of our heads for even breathing too loud in church...." It concludes: "It is in fact irreverent at these times not to talk in church." The connecting idea is expressed straight forwardly: "Our church is not God's house; it is the house of God's people." It continues,
"A couple of months ago I sat opposite a girl who told me just straight- forwardly that without ChildLine she would be dead, and I believe her.
The Silicon Valley tour "is an opportunity for these companies, which are already showing their ability to think forwardly and to be dynamic in today's e-commerce centered economy, to spend a day in the future ...
Not a single environmental group supported the White House, a stunning change-around from 1993, when John Adams, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, boasted about "breaking the back of the environmental opposition to NAFTA." Of the seven major groups that had backed NAFTA, four--the World Wildlife Federation, National Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife and, most important perhaps, the National Wildlife Federation--straight forwardly opposed fast track.
Such and no other we repute the CA USE, That forwardly for thee we undertake, Thrice puissant and RENOWM'D Abdelmelec, And for shine HONOUR, safety and crown, Our lives and HONOURS frankly to expose....(39)
Today, Jan and Dale -- who evidently still think alike when it comes to language -- will only say that they "think forwardly" of each other and "empower" each other.
Figure 5, shows that light is more forwardly scattered (thinner first lobe) and penetrates more deeply (longer mean free path) for the large diameter GM, giving a less spread image and eventually reaching the backplate where it is absorbed.