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carry forward

1. To cause a plan or situation to progress. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "forward." With your shared passion for this initiative, I'm confident that you two can carry it forward.
2. In accounting, to transfer an entry to the next page or column. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "forward." Did you carry forward the total from the last page? If not, that might be the source of the error.
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come forward

1. To move toward a point of congregation; to step forward. Anyone involved in the ceremony may come forward at this time.
2. To share information, often in court or otherwise regarding a wrongdoing. Will the first witness please come forward? The police are asking anyone with more information on the crime to come forward.
3. To present oneself to offer help. Luckily, an audience member came forward to help me with the microphone.
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forward something (from some place) (to someone or some place)

to send something onward to someone from the place it was originally received. We forwarded the letter from Chicago to Springfield. Kelly forwarded the letter to her brother.
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Figure 5, shows that light is more forwardly scattered (thinner first lobe) and penetrates more deeply (longer mean free path) for the large diameter GM, giving a less spread image and eventually reaching the backplate where it is absorbed.
One can and should answer this question straight forwardly.
The MSM is backwardly compatible with Ixia's existing test platforms, including the IXIA 1600T(TM) and 400T(TM), and forwardly compatible with Ixia's new Optixia(R) X16 platform.
14) In fact, the South, by positioning forces forwardly on the islands and in the surrounding waters, can, during peacetime, impose a strategic blockade (serving to protect Greater Seoul) around the coasts of Hwanghae Province (one of the nearest land provinces from the Northern Limit Line [NLL] in North Korea).
This is one area where we proactively aim to help companies through an IT platform that we developed specifically to enable partner companies to report monthly and very straight forwardly in accordance with international standards.
All I had to do was hope we got away well and then place him forwardly.
Each piece is selected with great care, and must be backwardly and forwardly compatible to provide the most value, says Ron Daley, of the San Jose Police department's video division.
com)-- Garden Girl, a forwardly progressive natural skin care company in Needham, Massachusetts, has announced their continued commitment to the environment by expanding their innovative and popular eco-friendly refills program on a selection of their paraben-free skin care products.
He seems to be training more forwardly this time,'' trainer Craig Lewis said.
For defense applications, this can lead to forwardly deployed systems performing automated target recognition, moving target classification, and dynamic mission control.
Potentially dangerous is the threeyear-old In The Gold, who impressively won her latest start at Belmont Park and has trained forwardly for this.