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forward on

To send something on to a subsequent recipient, destination, or address. A noun or pronoun can be used between "forward" and "on." I took the liberty of forwarding on the contract to our London office. You can just forward that letter on to my attorney.
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forward something (from some place) (to someone or some place)

to send something onward to someone from the place it was originally received. We forwarded the letter from Chicago to Springfield. Kelly forwarded the letter to her brother.
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A can see now that this particluar message has been forwarded four times, a cumulative number.
Fourth time a message is forwarded Image Credit: Gulf News
Now when B decides to forward it to you, B gets a pop up notifying her that the message will be marked as 'forwarded many times' with a slightly altered double-forward icon.
After sending it, the info bar no longer shows a number, but the icon denotes that the message was forwarded atleast five times.
The feature will let the user know how many times a message has been forwarded.
A message is frequently forwarded when it has been forwarded more than 4 times.
WhatsApp added this feature in its Beta for Android to help the users understand when a message is very "popular" and if it has been forwarded too many times, it might contain incorrect or spam information.
WhatsApp rolled out the Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded features in the beta version 2.19.80 for Android.
Reportedly, the app is may soon come with an option that lets users perform a reverse image search on images forwarded to them by others.
If one copies a message and sends it to another person or in a group, the Forwarded label is not shown.