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On the same day that Kadour ben Saden rode south the diligence from the north brought Tarzan a letter from D'Arnot which had been forwarded from Sidi-bel-Abbes.
Fiery resolutions were passed, to be forwarded to a large number of leading statesmen, and the meeting broke up with the conviction that a shrewd blow had been struck for the cause of woman.
It was a telegraph-boy with a wire which had been forwarded from my lodgings at Streatham.
In the course of the week a dozen similar letters were forwarded to Martin by the editors of various Eastern magazines.
After some vain arguing and remonstrating, I contrived to quiet her scruples, by promising that an address should be left at Crickgelly, to which any second letter that might arrive from the doctor could be forwarded.
Miss Jethro's luggage was to be forwarded to the London terminus of the railway--and Miss Jethro herself had baffled investigation by leaving the school on foot.
com branded navigation bar at the bottom of the computer screen, or Platinum URL Forwarding with Domain Name-Stay, which both eliminates the navigation bar and displays the forwarded domain name in the navigation bar of the browser.
For example, a user might specify that a copy of all messages with a subject line containing "Acme deal" that are marked as high priority be forwarded to a colleague who is also working on the same deal.