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fortify (someone or an animal) (against something) (with something)

to strengthen someone or an animal against something with something. I'll need a cup of hot chocolate to fortify me against the storm. We have to fortify the dogs against the cold with extra food.
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It appears that ferrous sulfate microencapsulate was the best option for fortifying both yogurt and pasteurized liquid milk.
Food fortifying agents market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.
According to the authors of this paper in the Lancet, fortifying staple cereal flours with iron could be a cost-effective and sustainable way to improve children's iron status in developing countries.
Fortifying milk with vitamins and minerals decreased the incidence of diarrhea and lower respiratory disease in young children living near New Delhi, India, report researchers from the US and India.
But if you've been less than vigilant about scalp-stimulating stretching and bending, then write in, quick sticks, and be one of eight readers to win a personal CD player worth pounds 60 plus Fructis Fortifying Shampoo, Fortifying Cream Conditioner and 3 Minute Fortifying Cream Mask, to get your hair back on track.
The announcement comes after a Government report found that fortifying flour - and therefore cakes, biscuits, bread and breakfast cereals - with folic acid could halve the number of babies born with neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
They include Fructis Fortifying Shampoo for normal hair (200ml), Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner and Fructis 3 Minute Fortifying Cream Mask as well as a great bag.