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fortify (someone or an animal) (against something) (with something)

to strengthen someone or an animal against something with something. I'll need a cup of hot chocolate to fortify me against the storm. We have to fortify the dogs against the cold with extra food.
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Fortify I adds to the Giobus portfolio of expandable spacers.
Making this announcement on Wednesday, HP said that with Fortify Softwarea[euro](tm)s expertise and offerings, it will offer a best-in-class solution that allows clients to properly address application security from development through operations, and scale to a Centre of Excellence programme.
With the acquisition of Fortify, HP will be able to accelerate development of this technology to give clients the accuracy and prioritization they need around security vulnerabilities to build scalable enterprise application security programs.
The company said Fortify on Demand integrates its static analysis technology with dynamic application security testing powered by WhiteHat Security, enabling organisations to assess and remediate security vulnerabilities in applications without installing software on-premise.
Finalists in this year's Jolt awards, including Fortify Software, represent the most innovative and elite in software development products," said Amber Ankerholz, Conference Manager of Dr.
Fortify SCA helps security, testing and development teams pinpoint and eliminate security vulnerabilities in software applications.
The Institute for Business & Home Safety has issued a series of construction and design suggestions to fortify a home against natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and fire storms.
However, the synthetic folate, or folic acid, used to fortify foods and vitamin supplements can provoke an allergic response, notes Mark S.
Meftah has over 20 years experience in enterprise software, most recently as vice president of the software security products unit at HP, where he led the Fortify and SPI Dynamics business units after the acquisition of Fortify by HP in September 2010.
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Paris is to the north, and they don't fortify milk with vitamin D.
HP (NYSE:HPQ) and Fortify Software today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which HP will acquire Fortify Software, a privately held software security assurance company based in San Mateo, Calif.
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