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fortify (someone or something) against (something)

To strengthen or support someone or something, in order to improve chances of success against someone or something else. We need to fortify our bunker against enemy troops. I take vitamins to fortify my immune system against germs.
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fortify (someone or something) against (something) with (something)

To use something in particular to strengthen or support someone or something against someone or something else. We need to fortify our bunker against the advancing enemy troops with more snipers. I fortify my immune system against germs with vitamins.
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fortify (someone or something) with (something)

To use something in particular to strengthen or support someone or something. The enemy troops are advancing, so we need to fortify our bunker with more snipers. I fortify my immune system with vitamins.
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fortify (someone or an animal) (against something) (with something)

to strengthen someone or an animal against something with something. I'll need a cup of hot chocolate to fortify me against the storm. We have to fortify the dogs against the cold with extra food.
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The UHS spokesman said: "Parents who took part in a questionnaire about the study were positive about the use of breast milk fortifier at home, finding it easy to do.
This shows a synergistic response in viscosity in that it is lower than predicted, suggesting unique interactions occur between the fortifier and epoxy in the liquid state.
En fin, l'assistance a elu a l'unanimite, le camarade Mohamed Kacha, president de la commune urbaine de Boumalne Dades, en tant que coordinateur de l'association democratique des elus progressistes qui dans une breve communication, a considere que sa mission etait delicate du fait que la province renferme plus de 75 conseilleres et conseillers PPS et a promis de faire de son mieux pour fortifier les capacites de gestion et de communication, en parfaite coordination avec le bureau national et en rapport avec les principes et les positions du parti.
Breastmilk fortifier was routinely prescribed by more than 75% of the participants (Fig.
Results are reported as a function of the molecular percent of additive based on the initial molar amounts of epoxy resin, fortifier, and curing agents used to make the thermoset.
The newest treatment products introduced under Del's Sally Hansen brand are three items formulated with multivitamins and fluoride--Get Hard Nails, a fortifier; Get Thicker, a nail builder; and Nourishing Cuticle Remover, a gel cream.
Lawson recommended adding powdered preterm formula to breast milk--even after the infant leaves the hospital--rather than adding the human milk fortifier endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
FEMNET est en train de travailler sur la production d'une analyse du processus d'elaboration de l'Article Strategique sur la Reduction de la Pauvrete en Afrique et les lecons apprises pour fortifier la capacite de femmes d'influencer le budget afin de soutenir l'attenuation de la pauvrete des femmes africaines.
Mix it with water and acrylic fortifier, following the mixing directions on the package.
Si on a vraiment l'intention de mettre de la vigueur dans les CRT et leur donner des grains a moudre comme on pretend, il importe beaucoup plus de fortifier ces structures federatrices et appuyer les initiatives des professionnels en respectant leur autonomie d'action, en tant qu'operateurs de terrains.
Louh a tenu [euro]u pr[euro]u[c]ciser que [euro]o[beaucoup moins que] la dignit[euro]u[c] des Alg[euro]u[c]riens est pr[euro]u[c]cieuse, dae1/4aoo[euro]ua lae1/4aoimportance de se concentrer sur tout ce qui peut fortifier des valeurs acquises suite [euro]u de dures [euro]u[c]preuves [euro]o[beaucoup plus grand que].
and led to the creation of an entire line of nail treatments, including a cuticle fix, a fortifier, a foundation coat, a finish coat and a nail preparation kit.
La conference, qui avait pour theme "Un Tour dans le Monde Multi-Culturel des Echanges de Connaissances entre les Femmes" rassemblait des femmes specialistes en Communications et Information dans le but de partager des strategies ainsi que de fortifier des reseaux et des relations.
Adding a cement acrylic fortifier will improve the workability and strength of the patch.