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man the fort

To mind or take charge of a location during the time in which it is unattended by another. Don't worry, honey, I'll man the fort at home until you get back from the grocery store. The entire editorial department left the office early for their Christmas celebration, leaving just a couple of interns to man the fort for the rest of the day.
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be like Fort Knox

To be inaccessible, usually because the item or place in question is locked or guarded. Fort Knox is a military site in Kentucky where stores of gold are kept. The kids are home by themselves, but don't worry, the house is like Fort Knox with all the security cameras. I can't get into the safe, it's like Fort Knox!
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hold (down) the fort

To maintain the proper functioning or order of some situation or place, typically during someone's absence. Don't worry, boss, I'll hold down the fort while you're away.
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hold the fort

Fig. to take care of a place while someone who is usually there is gone, such as a store or one's home. (From western movies.) I'm going next door to visit Mrs. Jones. You stay here and hold the fort. You should open the store at eight o'clock and hold the fort until I get there at ten.
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hold the fort

Assume responsibility, especially in another's absence; also, maintain a secure position. For example, Harry did a good job of holding the fort until his boss recovered, or Can you hold the fort in the kitchen? This expression has been traced to an order given by General William Tecumseh Sherman in 1864, which was repeated as "Hold the fort [against the enemy at Allatoona] at all costs, for I am coming."
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hold the fort

mainly BRITISH or

hold down the fort

If you hold the fort for someone, you look after things for them while they are somewhere else. Her husband holds the fort at their Norfolk home during the week. You can hold down the fort here. I shouldn't be too long.
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hold the fort

take responsibility for a situation while someone is absent.
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hold the ˈfort

(British English) (American English hold down the ˈfort) (informal) be in charge or taking care of something while the person usually responsible is not there: I’m going abroad for a few weeks, and Kathy will hold the fort while I’m away.
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be like/as safe as Fort ˈKnox

(about a building) be strongly built, with many locks, strong doors, alarms, etc. so that it is very safe and difficult for thieves to enter: This home of yours is like Fort Knox.Financially she’s as safe as Fort Knox. Fort Knox is a military base in Kentucky where most of the US’s store of gold is kept.
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hold the fort

tv. to remain behind and take care of things. I left John there to hold the fort.
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hold the fort

1. To assume responsibility, especially in another's absence.
2. To maintain a secure position.
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hold the fort, to

To keep things going until further support arrives. The expression comes, as might be suspected, from a literal military order. It has been traced to one given by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman in 1864, during the American Civil War, to Gen. John M. Corse at Allatoona. Corse was told to give up so as to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, but he refused, saying he had received an order from Sherman saying, “Hold the fort at all costs, for I am coming.” Records show that the actual words had been, “Hold out, relief is coming,” but fort is what caught on and was further popularized when it was made the refrain of a gospel song by Philip Paul Bliss.
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Within hailing distance they set up such a loud shouting that presently heads appeared above the top of the parapet and soon answering shouts were rising from within Fort Dinosaur.
They told them of the infamous act of Baron Friedrich von Schoenvorts and his German crew who had stolen the U-33, breaking their parole, and steaming away toward the subterranean opening through the barrier cliffs that carried the waters of the inland sea into the open Pacific beyond; and of the cowardly shelling of the fort.
Thus of the original party of eleven Allies and nine Germans that had constituted the company of the U-33 when she left English waters after her capture by the crew of the English tug there were but five now to be accounted for at Fort Dinosaur.
Without demanding a surrender, they furiously assaulted the garrison, which was happily prepared to oppose them; and, after they had expended much ammunition in vain, and killed the cattle round the fort, not being likely to make themselves masters of this place, they raised the siege, and departed in the morning of the third day after they came, with the loss of about thirty killed, and the number of wounded uncertain.
Besides, it was my life or his when once he was in the fort.
There was no use dividing it at present, for if gems of such value were found upon us it would cause suspicion, and there was no privacy in the fort nor any place where we could keep them.
Of course he thought he had taken refuge in the fort, and applied for admission there himself next day, but could find no trace of Achmet.
1755 these forts were taken, and the whole of Acadia was conquered by three thousand men from Massachusetts, under the command of General Winslow.
Fort Johnston, formerly the oldest and smallest active duty fort in the United States, was originally built in 1748 by the British to protect the Cape Fear region from Spanish marauders.
Sievert visited the rebuilt Custer House, a replica of the house where Custer and his wife lived at the fort.
commander, Gulf Region Division, Army Corps of Engineers, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, to commanding general, Army Maneuver Support Center and Fort Leonard Wood/commandant, United States Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
Although T&C has been perusing the Fort Lee market for opportunities for the past few years and had options on the Helmsely-owned site adjacent to the George Washington Bridge, it took until January 2005 for them to settle on a deal.
It takes visitors back to a time when the Fort served as the trans-shipment point of furs and trade goods for the Northwest Company of Montreal, chief rival of the Hudson's Bay Company from 1803 to 1822.
L-3 ILEX SESD is based in Shrewsbury, NJ (Fort Monmouth) with major operations in Sierra Vista, AZ (Fort Huachuca), and field service offices at over twenty sites worldwide including Korea, Germany, Hawaii, Fort Bragg, Fort Stewart, Fort Drum, Fort Hood, Fort Gordon, Fort Belvoir, Fort Lewis, Fort Campbell, Hunter Army Airfield, and deployment sites such as Iraq and Afghanistan.