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Features: Ceramic heaters, pressure forming capability on some models, tool change within 10 min, clamp-frame setup change in 5 min.
Features: Pressure forming capability, non-contact IR temperature sensing, PC control with recipe storage, modem communications.
As you might expect, applying modern technology to multi-ply cylinder forming can go a long way to correcting some of the limitations of the old cylinder vat forming process.
Twin-wire forming technology is over 50 years old now (and even older from a concept standpoint), and many of the first and even second-generation twin-wire formers have been replaced or rebuilt.
Features: Pressure forming capability, non-contact IR tepmperature sensing, PC control with recipe storage, modem communications.
Unit has a 100-ton clamp force and 3 x 5 ft forming area.
Also showing new-generation PC/PLC controls for demanding forming machines and high-precision trimming equipment.
sheet was formed on ZMD's new V222DHCG unit, which features a 2 x 2 ft forming area and PID-controlled, top and bottom ceramic ovens with 50 adjustable zones each.
A long-standing problem with trim-in-place tooling has been the compensation of the forming cavity each time the tool punch is sharpened.
The E76 former has a "smart drive" feature that increases cycle speed without decreasing forming time.
of Monza, Italy, will show off its new Intec 1050/3 in-line cup former with 1010 x 800 mm forming area and inline sheet coextrusion using three extruders.
Irwin also offers a new trim press with a servo-driven canopy in-feed system that is synchronized with the forming machine.
is another relatively new name in forming equipment.
Even for up to 5000 parts/yr, pressure forming can be nearly cost competitive on a unit basis especially for large parts, some formers say.
Pressure forming offers an advantage of flexibility to a customer with a new high-tech product, even when the product is ultimately expected to sell 100,000 units.