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It is no coincidence that synthetic forming fabrics were introduced at the same time that twin-wire forming first became a commercial success over 50 years ago.
Synthetic forming fabrics first were offered in single layer construction similar to the old bronze wire, and a few mills still use single layer forming fabrics due to their low cost.
Forming fabrics have a number of performance functions, the main ones being drainage, fiber support, and sheet transport.
Most development work in forming fabrics is now focused on triple layer constructions.
North American distributor of industrial forming machines for Meico of Italy.
Introducing low-cost electric indexing package for roll-fed forming machines, using a variable-frequency drive.
Offers cup and tray formers and radiant-heat forming machines for OPS, PET, and HIPS.
Forming composite materials is possible with the new VacuTherm press from Elkom North America, a German manufacturer that has a U.
It's not exactly thermoforming, but a new "tool-less" forming process could compete with thermoforming of housings and enclosures in volumes of 50 to 10,000 parts.
forming area, upgraded computer controls, 15-zone heating system, 110-ton trim press, parts stacker, and automatic counter/unloader.
will unveil its brand-new Series 3040 XPS forming and trimming system for PS foam.
will introduce the CT 800 midrange roll-fed, servo-driven form-and-trim machine with 800 x 450 mm forming area and a pendant-style control screen mounted on a swing arm.
The analyzer won top honors at the SPE meeting, receiving both the Chairman's Award for criteria such as innovation, forming and trimming difficulty and the People's Choice voted by the show's 400 attendees.
CAD allowed engineering data to be shared among designer, thermoformer and injection molder, and both pressure forming and injection tools were made from CAD files.
The key to forming is getting the entire cross section of a sheet up to forming temperature, processors say.