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He credits in part the low scrap and minimal reject rates for drape forming and vacuum forming, plus the ability of these technologies to meet just-in-time deliveries.
Based on the machine rebuild objectives and grade structure, a change in the forming fabric design--along with possible changes to the press and dryer fabric designs--may be required to meet the mill's goals.
The forming process resembles forging more than sheet forming at impact." Once again, tearing is typically circumvented.
Better material distribution can allow use of thinner sheet and faster forming. The plug made of syntactic foam reduces part weight up to 20%, says Hubert Kittelmann, president of Marbach Tool & Equipment Inc.
Another new forming unit also uses variable frequency pulsation of the stock by varying the tip-to-tip spacing of foil blades on the run.
Features: Pneumatic, servo, or hydraulic movements; pressure forming and twin sheet capable; runs at 120 cycles/hr.
Plant Locations: Dieren, Nederland (Forming & Press Fabrics)
Schrieffer says pressure forming readily allows the use of undercuts, which are critical to the tongue-and-groove design.
Until that time, vacuum forming was the only option.
According to the handful of firms that have tried it, corrugator forming of automotive, appliance, and medical parts gets 30% to 50% more output than a shuttle blow molder with the same size extruder.
Surging demand for thermoformed PP packaging has prompted Illig to strengthen its presence in forming equipment supply in North America by offering RMD trim-in-place, matched metal cutting units for PP forming.
Forming area range: 3 x 4-ft to 8 x 14 or 10 x 12 ft
ZMD will operate a machine forming decorative appliques for cell-phone housings.
PBM's melt-phase billet forming process can produce flexible and rigid containers for packaging liquid and dry foods as well as viscous industrial liquids.
Forming area: Single-station, 48 x 72 to 240 x 120 in.; twin former, 48 x 48 to 120 x 240 in.