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"I have already formed an opinion on this case, says Sergeant Cuff, "which I beg your ladyship's permission to keep to myself for the present.
'Residents recently formed an opinion and accused the families of causing the deaths,' he said.
27, said Peralta had 'prejudged the merits of the quo warranto petition and may already have formed an opinion that the Chief Justice should have been disqualified to be nominated as Chief Justice.'
The anchorperson says that he formed an opinion on the basis of the information that the convict Imran had links with international mafia.
Based on an analysis of juror questionnaires, the defense noted that just 345 prospective jurors - or 25 percent of those summoned in the case - said they were "unsure" when asked if they had "formed an opinion" that Tsarnaev is guilty, while 66 potential jurors said "no."
Neal stated that he has not formed an opinion on what level of cleanup should be conducted, but he stood by his record of support for environmental protection.
Det Garda Marion Cusack told the Special Criminal Court in 1997 she formed an opinion he was the killer.
He/she has obviously never been to it and formed an opinion by watching YouTube.
Through all that I had heard about the New York fashion industry, I had formed an opinion that working in this world is nothing short of horrible.
Asked to comment on how he would view such an aircraft, Hubschman said he had not formed an opinion: "I have no thoughts...I want to see what they have." He stressed that with any aircraft, "commonality is very important if you're going to make several versions." He also pointed out that as an operating lessor, his primary concern is that an airplane have broad market appeal: "The best market is narrowbodies," and the larger an aircraft becomes, "the narrower the market becomes." May 1, 2006
At Dublin District Court Judge Mary Collins ruled a garda should have formed an opinion about his capacity to drive before he was given a breath test.
``And have you formed an opinion about the war in Iraq, as we have heard that the reason for going to war were the weapons of mass destruction?
If I only spoke with the claim handler, and formed an opinion based only on his (or her) version, I might very well conclude that Loretta was a greedy, unreasonable person who was trying to make the insurance company pay for numerous medical bills that are not related in the accident, but rather simply a result of old age.
But sadly I have formed an opinion over a number of years that they are really only interested in buildings that are much earlier, and preferably ancients ruins!
83 also says that if the auditor is unable to complete the audit or is unable to form or has not formed an opinion -- for any reason -- he or she may decline to express an opinion or decline to issue a report as a result of the engagement.