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prismatic lens formed by Arrem, thinner walls transmit more light.
Arrem's blood-analyzer console is a tour-de-force of design ingenuity, with 28 separate panels formed on 18 female molds that would have been "impossible to design" without CAD, Arrem says.
The part makes extensive use of formed undercuts to mount the separate parts and mask joint lines.
A side panel for a laser printer and collator, pressure formed by Arrem, retracts tooling segments on slides that move into a different plane to allow room for other slides.
Big lifters are also used to remove some large, deep-draw parts from the tool, like an exercise-cycle body formed by Profile Plastics Corp.
Pressure-forming machines are typically rated for 50-psi forming-air pressure, and many smaller molded-look parts are formed at well below machine capability.