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New hand formable semi-rigid cable assemblies from Pasternack are available with multiple configurations including male and female genders of SMA, N, TNC, MCX and MMCX connectors.
Pasternack's new lines of precision connectors are used to build their formable precision cable assemblies and are 100% VSWR tested to their maximum frequency.
Exultra 2000--a two-ply formable product featuring an elastomeric cap layer laminated to a thermoplastic olefin layer.
Ruukki delivers formable steels, high-strength steels and also Litec, an ultra-high-strength steel available in dual-phase or complex-phase grades.
The material is moldable or formable with little or no shedding of filler particles.
Now Bayer MaterialScience LLC is bringing to manufacturers two solutions that offer even greater scratch resistance for polycarbonate parts - its 2-D, nonformable Makrofol[R] HS 520 hard-coated film and its 3-D formable Makrofol[R] HF 278 hard-coated film.
consists of oriented, high-tensile PP tapes that are woven into fabric and then pressed into solid formable sheets that retain the orientation of the original fibers.
It has excellent adhesion to TPO, says Soliant, adding that it is formable (will not crack) with PC, PVC, ABS, and PC/ABS.
The result is an extraordinarily flat, strong and highly formable material suitable for a multitude of exterior and interior applications.
The thermo-formable UPM Grada wood material is brilliantly presented at Habitare at furniture manufacturer Pedro s stand 6e111 where all the form pressed furniture are made of UPM s new formable and ecological material.
For automotive applications, Kurz has developed vacuum formable grades (including deep-draw types) that can he tailored for hot stamping, in-mold decoration.
5 inches, the film is formable by means for thermoforming, high-pressure forming, and hydro-forming.
Provides stronger, more formable steel grades to improve fuel economy and safety for automakers -
DuPont will market the formable sheet and molding pellets here under its own Biomax trade name.
According to Ensinger/Penn Fibre, its PPS sheet and roll "give manufacturers a formable, crystalline plastic having an exceptionally high melt point, so processing can occur between 550[degrees]F and 600[degrees]F (288[degrees]C and 315[degrees]C) or more.