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How much similar levels of protection and weight might be obtained in the future with more formable materials is the current challenge.
At SGIA, Sun Chemical launched the MTG UV hard coat system for use in making formable and non-formable automotive, appliance, cell phone, and medical parts.
Yet together, the above works impart a detailed, although incomplete, examination of an array of premises in this formable field of study.
Fabricated by hot and cold drawing, these clad products have a smooth, consistent surface finish and the cladding can be produced thinner than filled- and thicker than plated wire or ribbon, and are more ductile and formable.
The apparatus includes a layer formed of a material capable of absorbing liquid and a formable material coupled with the layer formed of the absorbent material.
Constructed from lightweight materials for a cool and comfortable fit, the mask features comfortable knitted ear-loops, a formable nose wire to provide a custom fit, and colorful designs on the outer facing.
Zip-Pak/an ITW company, CFS North America): The judges called this one of the first formable horizontal form fill seal packages to incorporate a slider zip per, which provides easy access to the product.
5", the film is formable using thermo-, hydro-, and high-pressure forming.
Not the most formable steel, the MartINsite grades offer much higher strength-to-weight ratios than conventional cold rolled steel and the mechanical properties are uniform in the longitudinal and transverse directions and thus minimize material waste.
This Slimline series of low package volume, formable directional couplers operate at incremental bands from 100 MHz to 3 GHz, with coupling values of 4.
The company's polyolefin foams are said to be soft, flexible, lightweight and easily formable.
Designed as an alternative for soft touch paint on ABS, TPO and polycarbonate components, Soft-Touch formable thermoplastic sheet provides a soft, leather-like feel for automotive interior trim components.
Key to the successful redesign of the existing plastic tank in steel was use of highly formable steels that allow for greater flexibility in the forming of complex shapes, and innovative advancements in a seam welding process that enables high-speed welding of complex shapes with tight radii.
Our formable poly and sealable paper webs protect sterile products, and crimped or folded edges threaten the integrity of that sterility," Murray explains.
LesCare Kitchens' new Sistematic Glos has a raised panel door with white gloss polmeric formable laminate on a high density fiberboard core.