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Experimental research for evaluating the strength and energy absorption and formability of sheets with higher strength properties was carried out on steel sheets of F-M produced by intercritical annealing (specimens designated A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2) and specimens produced by the method of controlled rolling (specimens denoted as C1, C2, C3, C4, C5).
Analysis of press formability for laser-welded blank, Korean Soc.
The Nimbus GII corrugation provides high formability by allowing the material to be stretched without tearing and compressed without wrinkling or buckling.
The high formability expands the possibility of product design together with superior transferability of the die surface to the metal sheet.
Through the development of DP1000HY, Tata Steel has combined high yield, ultra high strength and formability, allowing automotive manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the steel they use.
ATI 425[R]-MIL Alloy is also available in sheet gauges, which are continuously cold-rolled and annealed in coil lengths of up to 2,500 feet to create products that offer a unique combination of strength and formability.
Through greater formability and manufacturability, engineers and automakers are now able to make lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient vehicle structures with advanced high-strength steels.
Some examples of particular topics include analysis of internal strains in unidirectional and chopped graphite fiber composites based on x-ray diffraction and micro Raman spectroscopy measurements, second phase particle distribution and its effect on the formability of aluminum alloys, micromechanical study of green wood subjected to mode I fracture, high temperature properties and the crack susceptibility of new steel grades for automotive purposes, and optical measurement of a three-dimensional displacement field using one camera.
The application required a material with low odor and taste, heat resistance to withstand retorting, barrier properties to provide one-year or longer shelf life, and good formability.
Visual observations combined with formability and material-distribution determinations are used to establish thermoforming windows for copolyester, acrylic, and polycarbonate heavy gauge sheet.
Investigation of the Formability of Flanged Parts of Magnesium Alloy under Hot Forging Process Huey Lin Ho, Su Hai Hsiang, Zun Yao Huang
Because of its good cold formability, Ramor 450 provides more options to design the floor structure.
The current research focuses on the formability of electromagnetically-formed automotive grade aluminum alloy sheets and the simulation of the electromagnetic forming process.
They start with the basics, including explaining the stress-strain curve and test methodology, then proceed to the mechanical behavior of materials under tensile loads (including instability), uniaxial tensile testing (including setup and procedures), testing equipment, and tensile testing for design and for determining sheet formability.