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Weldment properties evaluation and formability study of tailor-welded blanks of different thickness combinations and welding orientation, Journal of Materials Science, Volume 42, Number 15, Springer, ISSN 0022-2461, Netherlands
SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus provides superior bendability and formability, thus enabling the use of very small bending radius.
The steel's combination of stamping formability and strength makes it possible to form parts with complex shapes that are thinner and lighter than those made of conventional high tensile strength steel, while maintaining the ability to absorb energy in a collision.
The technique can induce, for a brief period of time, "superelastic" behavior to different metals by applying high-energy laser shots, which enables the metal to flow into the nanoscale features of the rolling stamp -- circumventing the formability limit.
Thomas acknowledges that "formability is key" when it comes to OEMs, and adds that "styling is huge." As are, of course, lightweighting and safety.
It is best corrosion resistance, better general and localized corrosion resistance compared to 316 stainless steel, Good Formability and Weldability, Increased resistance to chemical attack from acids, Lower carbon content leads to resistance to sensitization when welded, Non- magnetic.
In particular, lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium have been utilized for electrical appliance cases, although these materials have low formability. When attempting to form a sharp edge using conventional forming processes, these materials are often torn and wrinkled.
The Micromill process dramatically changes the microstructure of the metal, producing an aluminum alloy that has 40 percent greater formability and 30 percent greater strength than the incumbent automotive aluminum used today while meeting stringent automotive surface quality requirements.
* Greater ductility and formability than electroplated products
"Novelis' new RC5754 alloy not only meets the high recycled content threshold required by Jaguar Land Rover's REALCAR project, but also it delivers the strength, durability and formability specified by world-leading Jaguar Land Rover engineers."
However, the hexagonal close-packed crystal structure of Mg alloy provides limited slip systems which usually results in poor ductility and formability at ambient temperature.
At the Consumer Electronics Show held In January In Las Vegas, SABIC introduced a transparent, conductive polycarbonate (PC) film that it says represents a completely new class of display materials with outstanding transmittance and resistance, especially in large formats, with exceptional 2.5-D and 3-D formability. In addition to its potential performance capabilities in large format displays, it can be thermoformed into complex shapes, such as those required for a variety of displays in consumer electronics, automotive interiors, and healthcare devices, as well as for architectural uses.
A new transparent, conductive PC film from Houston-based SABIC is said to represent a completely new class of display materials with outstanding transmittance and impact resistance, plus exceptional formability, especially in large formats.