form into (something)

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form into (something)

1. To assume or take a particular shape. Come on, kids, form into a line for recess!
2. To cause someone or something to resemble a particular shape. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "form" and "into." Roger was so bored during dinner that he started forming his peas into a heart.
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form (up) into something

[for a group of people] to assume the shape of something. The boys formed up into a jagged line. We'll form into a line.
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form someone or something into something

to shape someone or something into something. We formed the people into a line. Kathy formed the clay into a small elephant.
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Given the mandate of Mennonite Church USA at the 2011 biennial assembly to bring Mennonites to the once-familiar scriptural texts of the Bible, praying the daily office may be a critical tool to form us into the mind of Christ.
And the most effective way to conform our lives to his is through our active participation at Mass so that, in the soil of faith, the Holy Spirit can form us into instruments of his peace.
These Pentecost season liturgies (the leiturgia or "public work" of the ekklesia) mean to form us into a eucharistic (i.e., thankful) people.
Those environments help form us into the kind of dancer we're to become.