form into

form (up) into something

[for a group of people] to assume the shape of something. The boys formed up into a jagged line. We'll form into a line.
See also: form

form someone or something into something

to shape someone or something into something. We formed the people into a line. Kathy formed the clay into a small elephant.
See also: form
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UltraForms Technology converts information digitally entered onto a downloadable Acrobat PDF Form into a 2-D barcode.
OmniForm provides point & click form design capabilities and includes the unique ability to convert a scanned paper form or static Adobe(R) PDF form into a fillable eForm.
Users can complete and submit these forms online or can print and fax the completed form into the TELEform system for automated processing.
TransForm's powerful image conversion engines will convert any scanned form into an editable electronic form in seconds.
OmniForm begins the forms process by converting a scanned paper form into an editable, electronic version that can be filled out on screen.
OmniForm Internet Publisher has already been recognized for a number of awards, including PC Magazine OnLine's Internet Product of the Week for its ability to easily convert a paper form into an electronic format that can be filled out and submitted right within a browser," said Chad Kinzelberg, Caere's vice president of marketing.
Caere's OmniForm(R) for Macintosh is the easiest and most robust method ever for Mac users to turn any paper form into an electronic version or rapidly create dynamic, new electronic forms.
OmniForm for Macintosh turns any paper form into an electronic version without cumbersome redrawing or formatting simply by scanning the paper form into a Macintosh.
Using OmniForm software, JetForm users can simply scan or fax an existing paper form into the computer to create an electronic form.
Form allows Webmasters to automatically insert data submitted through a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) form into a database.
Through an intuitive easy-to-use interface, OmniForm turns any paper form into an automated electronic reproduction.
Users without a scanner can employ a fax machine to import a paper form to a personal computer by faxing the form into the PC via a fax modem and saving the resulting file in PCX and TIFF formats.