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to err is human (to forgive is divine)

Because humans are fallible, they deserve forgiveness. I know you're mad at your brother because he lied, but to err is human, you know. To forgive is divine.
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forgive and forget

To forgive someone by also forgetting that the wrong they committed ever happened. I really do want to move on, but I just can't forgive and forget that you tried to steal my boyfriend!
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Forgive and forget.

Prov. You should not only forgive people for hurting you, you should also forget that they ever hurt you. When my sister lost my favorite book, I was angry at her for weeks, but my mother finally convinced me to forgive and forget. Jane: Are you going to invite Sam to your party? Sue: No way. Last year he laughed at my new skirt. Jane: Come on, Sue, forgive and forget.
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forgive someone for something

to pardon someone for something. Please forgive me for being late. He never forgave himself for harming her.
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forgive and forget

Both pardon and hold no resentment concerning a past event. For example, After Meg and Mary decided to forgive and forget their differences, they became good friends . This phrase dates from the 1300s and was a proverb by the mid-1500s. For a synonym, see let bygones be bygones.
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to err is human, to forgive divine

it is human nature to make mistakes yourself while finding it hard to forgive others. proverb
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forˌgive and forˈget

decide to forget an argument, an insult, etc: Come on, it’s time to forgive and forget.Many of his victims find it impossible to forgive and forget.
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he, she, etc. could/might be forgiven for doing something

used to say that it is easy to understand why somebody does or thinks something, although they are wrong: Looking at the crowds out shopping, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone has plenty of money to spend.
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When referring to the forgivable loan, using such phrases as "award," "retention bonus," or "compensation" could jeopardize the attempt to constitute bona fide debt.
The Business Development Forgivable Loan helps us 'bridge the gap' with hiring more people, moving offices, purchasing new equipment and training our new employees.
The above hypotheses also suggest that forgivable loans and non-repaid loans further reduce the incentive of insiders to exploit uninformed shareholders and expose the insider to less downside risk than loans that are not, leading to our second hypothesis.
For example, if your program offers forgivable loans for houses near your school, the number of faculty using campus services like a health clinic may increase.
Retail staff use their knowledge of the Louisville market to identify retail development sites, recruit retail services and developers, provide demographic and other information for site selection, facilitate the approval process and introduce financial and infrastructure incentives like gap financing, facade loans, retail forgivable loans and public improvements (streetscape, landscaping).
he housing incentives usually consist of homeownership counseling, grants and forgivable loans Cities also donate land in development sites or structures in designated areas.
That would be forgivable if they had bothered to give us a group of characters who grabbed ahold of the screen.
Yet upon meeting Roberto Cuoghi for the first time last February, this apparent faux pas was forgivable.
5 million forgivable loan on the condition it create 40 jobs within three years of commencing operation.
The Choice Hotels International Minority Incentive Plan is, in a nutshell, a forgivable loan program (see "The Choice Hotels Minority Incentive Plan"), where qualified minority entrepreneurs can receive up to $200,000 towards the opening of a Choice hotel property.
The 30-year-term first mortgage is fully amortized and the second mortgage is zero interest, no payment and fully forgivable after 10 years of occupancy in the home (subject to repayment to the trust if the borrower sells the property and a qualified buyer does not assume the loan or if the borrower voluntarily refin ances it).
Such a description, and of himself as a "quite ordinary professor" (258), suggest that he recognizes the limits of that earlier age, but wishes (in a personal way forgivable in a memoir) that such a Camelot might have lasted.
Earnway Industries will receive a $250,000 repayable contribution from the Federal Economic Development Initiative in Northern Ontario (FedNor) core industrial program and a $50,000 forgivable loan from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.
The loss before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), adjusted to exclude non-cash compensation expense, write down of forgivable loans and change in fair value of derivative instruments, was approximately $311,000 for the first quarter ended December 31, 2011, representing a decline of $1,436,000 as compared to an adjusted EBITDA profit of approximately $1,125,000, adjusted to exclude non-cash compensation expense, write down of forgivable loans and change in fair value of derivative instruments, for the first quarter year ended December 31, 2010.