forget it

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forget (about) it

1. To not expect something to work or happen. Often used as an imperative. If it's a pay raise you're looking for, you can just forget about it. Forget it, there's no way we could get up there without better equipment.
2. Never mind; I am not going to explain further. Forget about it. I don't want to talk about it. You know what, just forget it. I'm sorry I ever mentioned it.
3. Don't mention it; it was nothing. A response to someone thanking one. A: "Thank you again for your help yesterday." B: "Forget it, I was happy to lend a hand."
4. Don't worry about it; don't consider it a problem. You're still thinking about that? I told you I'm over it. Forget about it.
5. An expression used to indicate that what has just been mentioned is superlative or extreme, and perhaps cannot be put into words. Their wedding ceremony was already a bit weird, but the reception? Forget about it! They were good last year, but with the new draft pick? Forget about it!
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forget it

Overlook it, it's not important; you're quite mistaken. This colloquial imperative is used in a variety of ways. For example, in Thanks so much for helping-Forget it, it was nothing, it is a substitute for "don't mention it" or you're welcome; in Stop counting the change-forget it! it means "stop doing something unimportant" in You think assembling this swingset was easy-forget it! it means "it was not at all easy"; and in Forget it-you'll never understand this theorem it means that the possibility of your understanding it is hopeless. [c. 1900]
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forˈget it

1 used to tell somebody that something is not important and that they should not worry about it: ‘I still owe you for lunch yesterday.’ ‘Forget it — it was my treat!’
2 used to tell somebody that you are not going to repeat what you said: ‘Now, what were you saying about John?’ ‘Forget it, it doesn’t matter.’
3 used to emphasize that you are saying ‘no’ to something: ‘Any chance of you helping out here?’ ‘Forget it, I’ve got too much to do.’
4 used to tell somebody to stop talking about something because they are annoying you: Just forget it, will you?
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forget it

Overlook it, disregard it. This colloquial imperative, dating from about 1900, is used in several ways. It can mean the same as “don’t mention it” or “you’re welcome,” as in, “‘Thanks for picking me up.’ ‘Forget it, it was no trouble.’” It also can mean “it won’t happen” or “it’s impossible,” as in “Find a parking space near the theater? Forget it!” These same meanings can be conveyed by forget about it, which, however, also may mean not to recall something and is not a cliché.
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Mukai's sad, haunting voice carries the album; the rhythm section's contributions are so sparse that at times you forget it's there, until the sudden thwack of a drumstick on a woodblock shakes you briefly out of your trance.
Keppel and Her Daughter, The Trials of Radclyffe Hall, and Selkirk's Island now takes on another American couple of glamorous Left Bank artists--Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks--in Wild Girls, a read so light, fast, and fun that you forget it's nonfiction with footnotes.
But excellent pick-up throughout the range is matched by driving dynamics which are second to none ( and it's quiet enough to make you forget it's not a petrol unit.
Huey concluded with a reminder to mailers: "Don't forget it's an election year.
"I think most people forget it is on, it's so small," agrees student Tracy Furhmann.
He responded: "Oh sure, a few more would be nice, but not a lot more, because then the people would forget it's their church."
Statutes are meticulous and cruel I like frugal transgressions to invent for example the art of love to learn in bodies and in your body to hear the night without saying amen to trace a personal map of audacity even though we may forget to forget it's certain the remembrance will forget us to blindly obey makes one blind growth comes only by daring when I transgree an order the future is breathable again
But don't forget it's me who put you where you are now, and I can put you back down too."
But Kilmarnock's new manager won't ever forget it's the man he's replacing who put him where he is now.
I know they talk and make a big thing about security, but let's not forget it's the council that issue taxi licences and not until there have been lots of checks on the applicant/driver, such as from the Criminal Bureau and the DVLA and so on is the licence issued.
Remember that to plan ahead leads to a happy life, so you know there's Halloween to think of and who can forget it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19, so splice the mainbrace me hearties and while you're at it don't be a plank and forget to show your little ones extended re-runs of Peter Pan and Pirates Of The Caribbean.
You won't forget it's a strong beer, but it's a beautifully constructed brew where the power adds to the taste, not overwhelms it.
They are on their way to Haigh Lane to take on holders Hoylandswaine tomorrow - don't forget it's a 1pm start - and will certainly be relishing the challenge.
Don't forget it's Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night racing throughout January and February and our Saturday morning meets start on March 1.
No matter what you're age you'll have some much fun you will forget it's exercise.