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forget about (someone or something)

1. To not think about, fail to remember, or disregard someone or something. Don't forget about us after you've become a big shot out in LA! This traffic jam is awful! I forgot about the work they were doing to the road. Forget about snowshoes, you'd need a snowmobile to get up to that part of the mountain.
2. To not expect someone or something to work, happen, or do something. The roads are so narrow in this neighborhood—forget about driving your big truck in here! Forget about Sarah, she couldn't lead the team if her life depended on it.
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forget about someone or something

1. to put someone or something out of one's mind. Don't forget about me! You ought to forget about all that.
2. to fail to remember something at the appropriate time. She forgot about paying the electric bill until the lights were turned off. She forgot about the children and they were left standing on the corner.
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As lost soldier's numbers grow higher and higher, it grows ever easier to forget about the people and only think of them as statistics.
"Forget about taboos," Secretary of State Colin Powell told a worldwide MTV audience while endorsing condoms as a good "safe sex" strategy.
Businesses lose track of owners, owners forget about the assets, or the owner dies and the family is unaware of the property.
A great musician was once asked what he did when he wanted to forget about music for a while.
THERE is no place for riflemen when their fighting's done Even less for artillerymen they cannot keep their gun With their service over and they get their demob They are just another candidate looking for job Expert in a skill at arms and in the way they fight They will have to be very rich to ever become a knight They say old soldiers never die they only fade away They are forgotten when tomorrow comes, just a hero for today People sing their praises and raise their glasses high But very soon forget the young men who were prepared to die We put upon a pedestal those who only play a game But forget about our young men who are in the killing game.