forget about

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forget about (someone or something)

1. To not think about, fail to remember, or disregard someone or something. Don't forget about us after you've become a big shot out in LA! This traffic jam is awful! I forgot about the work they were doing to the road. Forget about snowshoes, you'd need a snowmobile to get up to that part of the mountain.
2. To not expect someone or something to work, happen, or do something. The roads are so narrow in this neighborhood—forget about driving your big truck in here! Forget about Sarah, she couldn't lead the team if her life depended on it.
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forget about someone or something

1. to put someone or something out of one's mind. Don't forget about me! You ought to forget about all that.
2. to fail to remember something at the appropriate time. She forgot about paying the electric bill until the lights were turned off. She forgot about the children and they were left standing on the corner.
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Businesses lose track of owners, owners forget about the assets, or the owner dies and the family is unaware of the property.
It's not like the estimated 5,000 Marines still alive who fought at Chosin are looking for a slap on the back almost 50 years later, or pity for the fingers and toes many of them lost to frostbite in the freezing weather fighting a war we want to forget about.
We started carrying Spray & Forget about three years ago and are pleased to say that our customers find its ease of use a huge advantage to eliminating stains on many different types of exterior surfaces," said Jim Smith, manager of Bowling Green Ace Hardware in Bowling Green, KY.
Normally you come to Churchill Downs in the spring to forget about the seamy side of horse racing.
They are so obsessed with their own power struggles, they forget about the needs of the public such as alleviating deadly crimes in the public schools, solving the Y2K problem, safeguarding the social system that supposedly contains taxpayers' hard-earned money.
Also listed are items that definitely should be left at home, from personal valuables such as grandma's heirloom earrings to drugs and alcohol and forget about bringing your pet gerbil.
o Forget about that image of smokestacks belching pollutants.