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forge ahead

To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge ahead and keep talking.
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forge away at (something)

To work on or toward goal or task with great determination, diligence, and vigor. I've been forging away at my little business here for two years, and now I've really established myself within the community. The team has been forging away at their shot for a championship all year.
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forge on

To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge on and keep talking.
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forge over

obsolete In sailing, to force one's ship over a sand bank or shallow place in a body of water by opening and filling all of the ship's sails. The captain knew it was a risky maneuver, but there was no way to proceed other than to forge over.
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forge ahead

or forge on
To continue moving forward or making progress: The reporters forged ahead with the investigation. The weary troops forged on despite the snow.
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Wallace Silversmiths has been adding forged flatware patterns to its collections recently, in response to greater consumer demand.
Pictures of the forged credit cards, cash and the defendant's belongings were attached to court documents as evidence in addition to images taken from surveillance cameras at ATMs.
Prosecutors charged the 19-year-old and the 28-year-old of forging two Pakistani passports and Schengen visas and using the forged documents to travel.
Material-technological modelling was employed to clarify the effect of the amount of true strain and subsequent dynamic recrystallization on microstructure development during controlled cooling from the finish-forging temperature in a demonstration forged product.
All of which seems to show that forged steel has some considerable benefits (i.e., benefits that manufacturers need to consider).
"When we told people of our intention to use the cracking method," Hoag recalled, "the typical reaction was, You're crazy; you can't do that.' That's because our connecting rod engineers had struggled for years to grind smooth the joint surfaces created when forged rods are sawed in half.
Law enforcement officers were said to have been notified that a number of Gulf national residents had obtained Emirates IDs based on forged papers certifying that they worked for the Ruler's office in 2016.
"We received several complaints about Asians using forged credit cards in malls in Bahrain," an investigating officer told prosecutors.
They also allegedly submitted forged papers, including a salary certificate falsely stating that one of them - a Pakistani - was working as a sales executive and earning Dh22,500 as monthly salary.
The defendant admitted before the court that he forged two parking tickets and used the forged tickets to park for free on a Tuesday and a Saturday.
Washington Forge is offering such items as wood-handled and forged stainless steel, Hellinger explains.
There the squares are forged between upper and lower anvils into round preforms.
Can better mechanical properties be achieved with a forged piece?