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forge ahead

To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge ahead and keep talking.
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forge away at (something)

To work on or toward goal or task with great determination, diligence, and vigor. I've been forging away at my little business here for two years, and now I've really established myself within the community. The team has been forging away at their shot for a championship all year.
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forge on

To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge on and keep talking.
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forge over

nautical, obsolete To force one's ship over a sand bank or shallow place in a body of water by opening and filling all of the ship's sails. The captain knew it was a risky maneuver, but there was no way to proceed other than to forge over.
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forge ahead

or forge on
To continue moving forward or making progress: The reporters forged ahead with the investigation. The weary troops forged on despite the snow.
See also: ahead, forge
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