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forewarn (someone) about (something)

To inform someone of something in advance. Thanks for forewarning me about the boss's foul mood today—I made sure to steer clear of him.
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forewarn (someone) of (something)

To inform someone of something in advance. Thanks for forewarning me of the boss's foul mood today—I made sure to steer clear of him.
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forewarned is forearmed

One can be appropriately prepared if one knows something in advance. Hey, just so you know, the boss is in a really foul mood today. Forewarned is forearmed, right?
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forewarn someone about something

 and forewarn someone of something
to warn someone about someone or something. They forewarned us of your strange behavior. Didn't we forewarn you about Max's problem?
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Forewarned is forearmed.

Prov. If you know about something beforehand, you can prepare for it. Before you meet Lily, I should tell you that she's a little eccentric. Forewarned is forearmed, right? Check the temperature before you go outside. Forewarned is forearmed.
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forewarned is forearmed

Knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared, as in Let me know when he's in town so I can take the phone off the hook-forewarned is forearmed. This expression originated as a Latin proverb, Praemonitus, praemunitus, which was translated into English by the early 1500s. It soon was put to broader use than its original military applications.
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forewarned is forearmed

People say forewarned is forearmed to mean that if you know about something which is going to happen in the future, you can be ready to deal with it. Find out what side-effects you will have to expect from the treatment, because forewarned is forearmed. Forewarned is forearmed. Even the most enthusiastic guidebooks admit that the food on the train is awful.
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foreˌwarned is foreˈarmed

(saying) if you know about problems, dangers, etc. before they happen, you can be better prepared for them: Jim says that Betty is very angry with me still. Well, forewarned is forearmed, and I’ll have to think up an excuse before I see her.
Fore- in these words means ‘before something happens’ or ‘in advance’.
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forewarned is forearmed

Advance knowledge enables advance preparation. The term originated as a Latin proverb, Praemonitus, praemunitus, which was adopted into English by the early sixteenth century. Two sources from ca. 1530 put it similarly: “He that is warned is half armed.” Shakespeare used a version in Henry VI, Part 3 (4.1): “I will arm me, being thus forewarn’d.” It was soon extended to nonmilitary applications, such as a hostess preparing for expected guests.
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Additionally, being forewarned by itself should not affect selective exposure to counter-attitudinal information.
Forewarn would also require employers to give affected workers 90 days of notice before a layoff, as opposed to 60 under current law.
In order to detect and, more importantly, inform the driver of other vehicles traveling in the blind spot, Delco Electronics Corporation has introduced the Forewarn Side Detection System (SDS).
Abu Dhabi: India is experimenting with systems to forewarn of earthquakes which still remain a mystery to science and technology, a senior Indian scientist told Gulf News in an interview.
I'm just gonna forewarn them that it's everybody else that's going to be begging me for their job back."
"We'd like, for instance, to know what's happening in Ethiopia so we can forewarn the farmer and government agency in Kenya, and vice versa," he says.
Jonathan Storm, a behavioural ecologist now at the University of South Carolina Upstate, in Spartanburg, has shown that crickets manage to forewarn their offspring of lurking spiders, despite the small matter of never actually meeting them, reports New Scientist.
Though theses 4-inch-wide patches brighten the underwater landscape, they also forewarn of the spread of coralline lethal orange disease (CLOD), says Diane S.
Those results forewarn of trouble if the only forests saved are small, isolated "islands" surrounded by pastures or development.
Known as the maspin gene because it codes for the protein maspin, this gene's activity -- or rather inactivity -- may forewarn of cancer on the brink of spreading, says Ruth Sager of Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Please forewarn others not to fall into the same trap.
The report points out that no such input was shared by any of the intelligence agencies in Kashmir Valley where the forces were forewarned to take precautionary steps.
Forewarned brushed aside stable companion, Ione, for Wakini Ndegwa in the Micky Migdoll Mile.
Parents of little ones frothing with excitement at the prospect of 70 actionpacked minutes of canine misadventure should be forewarned that the film is a compendium of three programmes.