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forever and a day

1. Eternally; always; ceaselessly. Honey, I'll love you forever and a day!
2. An exceptionally long period of time. Jim, how you been? It's been forever and a day since I last saw you!
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a thing of beauty is a joy forever

Something beautiful will give pleasure long after it ceases to exist. This phrase is taken from John Keats' poem Endymion. Thoughts of blooming flowers sustain me through the cold winter months. Truly, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
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take forever

To take a very long time. You took forever to get home. Was there traffic? Why is it taking forever for our food to come out? Did they forget about us?
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forever and ever

 and forever and a day
forever. I will love you forever and ever. This car won't keep running forever and ever. We'll have to get a new one sometime upcoming. We have enough money to last forever and a day.
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lost and gone forever

lost; permanently lost. My poor doggy is lost and gone forever. My money fell out of my pocket and I am sure that it is lost and gone forever.
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A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Prov. Beautiful things give pleasure that lasts even longer than the beautiful things themselves. (This is a line from John Keats's poem "Endymion." Also a thing of beauty and a joy forever, used to describe something beautiful in lofty terms, often ironically.) Jill: I don't understand why someone would pay millions of dollars to have some old painting. Jane: Because a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
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forever and a day

1. For a very long time, as in He's been working on that book forever and a day. This hyperbolic expression probably originated as a corruption of the now obsolete for ever and ay. Shakespeare used it in The Taming of the Shrew (4:4): "Farewell for ever and a day." Today it is mainly a substitute for "very long time." [c. 1600]
2. Incessantly, ceaselessly, as in Will this racket never end? It's been going on forever and a day. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s]
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References in classic literature ?
Say, what dost thou here in the Ghost Mountain, where the stone Witch sits forever, waiting for the world to die?
Hearken, thine also shall be the wisdom of the old witch who sits aloft forever, frozen into everlasting stone--thine and one other's.
We must leave him here to sleep on forever, and perhaps he will dream that he has found courage at last.
And to this day there be those in Venice who believe that if those holy ashes were stolen away, the ancient city would vanish like a dream, and its foundations be buried forever in the unremembering sea.
Mile after mile Tarzan of the Apes put slowly behind him, borne up by sheer force of will where a lesser man would have lain down to die and rest forever tired muscles whose every move was an agony of effort; but at last his progress became practically mechanical--he staggered on with a dazed mind that reacted numbly to a single urge--on, on, on
She wondered if old dreams could haunt rooms -- if, when one left forever the room where she had joyed and suffered and laughed and wept, something of her, intangible and invisible, yet nonetheless real, did not remain behind like a voiceful memory.
But just now I feel as if I wanted this lovely Redmond life to go on forever.
Soon he, too, must pass to this Life Invisible and be lost to me forever.
There, Margaret, the sun is forever visible, its broad disk just skirting the horizon and diffusing a perpetual splendour.
And that was a day of romance; If those robber-barons were somewhat grim and drunken ogres, they had a certain grandeur of the wild beast in them,--they were forest boars with tusks, tearing and rending, not the ordinary domestic grunter; they represented the demon forces forever in collision with beauty, virtue, and the gentle uses of life; they made a fine contrast in the picture with the wandering minstrel, the soft-lipped princess, the pious recluse, and the timid Israelite.
You could not live among such people; you are stifled for want of an outlet toward something beautiful, great, or noble; you are irritated with these dull men and women, as a kind of population out of keeping with the earth on which they live,--with this rich plain where the great river flows forever onward, and links the small pulse of the old English town with the beatings of the world's mighty heart.
The owner of talkSPORT radio has said he is buying local radio group Forever Broadcasting for pounds 8.
Currently, and world wide, there seems to be a growing number of people drawn to work with this energy Einstein brought to our conscious awareness; energy that has always been and forever will be.
Futterman, CEO of RKF, and Howard Gilbert, senior managing director, represented Los Angeles-based Forever 21 in the transaction, and also represented the building owners, Herald Towers, LLC and JEMB Realty.
Forever set its own standards and performed original material.