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for the foreseeable future

For the near future based on what one currently knows. What are the biggest issues we need to tackle for the foreseeable future?
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in the foreseeable future

In the near future based on what one currently knows. What are the biggest issues we need to tackle in the foreseeable future? I don' t think she'll be here any time in the foreseeable future, so let's eat.
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for/in the foreseeable ˈfuture

for/in the period of time when you can predict what is going to happen, based on the present circumstances: The statue will remain in the museum for the foreseeable future.It’s unlikely that the hospital will be closed in the foreseeable future (= soon).
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The risk of an automobile accident was foreseeable, the court continued.
The dissenting judge would have affirmed on the basis that undisputed evidence showed that the misuse was unprecedented and therefore not reasonably foreseeable.
As non-homeowners' expectations for buying a home in the foreseeable future have waned, homeownership rates have also declined from last year.
It is understood "foreseeable future" refers to years rather than months.
Gyan admitted he is happy at Sunderland and has no intention of leaving in the foreseeable future.
London, October 20 (ANI): Victoria Beckham has ruled out Spice Girls reunion in the foreseeable future, as she intends to concentrate more on her fashion career, it has emerged.
We often find ourselves confused as to what is considered reasonable and as to what is actually foreseeable.
Summary: Phil Collins says he is not upset about the back injury that means he is unable to play the drums for the foreseeable future.
said late Tuesday it was suspending its quarterly dividend for the "foreseeable future" after making one last payout.
However, the Ontario Court of Appeal set aside his award, and the Supreme Court of Canada agreed that his injuries could not have been foreseeable by Culligan.
FRANKFURT: The UAE will not change its dollar peg policy for "the foreseeable future", Central Bank governor Sultan Nasser Al Suweidi said yesterday.
Curiously, the policy was not only limited by the "accident" restriction; it also was limited by an exclusion for damage "expected or intended by any insured or which is the foreseeable result of an act or omission intended by any insured,' Surprisingly, the "foreseeable result" exclusion was not asserted by the insurer.
"Despite a sluggish economy, there is no sign of a slowdown in nonresidential construction activity in the foreseeable future," said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon.