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right foot foremost

Indicative of positive or favorable start. The phrase derives from a Roman superstition that one should enter a room with one's right foot first, so as to ensure good luck. In an effort to put my right foot foremost this semester, I've already begun to research for my thesis.
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first and foremost

For starters; to begin. First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for being here tonight. I think we need to tackle that part of the problem first and foremost.
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first and foremost

Cliché first to be dealt with and most important. First and foremost, I think you should work harder on your biology. Have this in mind first and foremost: Keep smiling!
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first and foremost

Also, first of all. Most important, primarily; also, to begin with. For example, First and foremost, I want to thank our sponsors, or What we need, first and foremost, is a new secretary, or We have to deal, first of all, with the early history. The first term, dating from the late 1300s, is redundant, since first and foremost mean virtually the same thing. Both it and the variant, which dates from the mid-1500s, are used to give emphasis to the initial item in a list of several. Also see first off; first thing.
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ˌfirst and ˈforemost

before everything else; most importantly: First and foremost, we must ensure that the children are safe.Don’t forget, he is first and foremost an actor, not a singer.
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