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The forelock-tugging is now, however, a thing of the past, and unfortunately for the high command of the EU, the Imperial Bunch don't want to leave.
It's a big contrast with my university days, when coming back from Oxford's stuffy spires and forelock-tugging feudalism brought an upwelling of massive relief.
We have butchered our share of children during bombing raids in conflicts spawned by Tony Blair's obsequious forelock-tugging to America.
CYCLISTS, people of rotund shape, elderly dawdlers, dreadful drivers, forelock-tugging admirers of Lizzie Windsor and her dysfunctional brood of benefit scroungers, northerners, southerners, Brummies unfortunate enough to support Aston Villa.
This new, five-part series taps into the modern version of the upstairs-downstairs, forelock-tugging world to show us how the other 0.
This new, five-part series taps into the modern upstairs-downstairs, forelock-tugging world to show us how the other 0.
The boys are abhorrent and the forelock-tugging pub landlord demonstrates how wrong it is to let them behave as they want to.
This film has Oscars on the brain and, as in Life of Pi -- another tale of survival that won Best Director last year -- the vehicle for forelock-tugging philosophical depth is religion, or at least spirituality.
As you'd expect, from a country with its own prince, there have been countless visits from Princes (and Princesses) of Wales down the years and, as you'll see, as the years have progressed and we've moved into a more modern, less formal era when smiles and handshakes have replaced bowing and forelock-tugging.
We know the southern hemisphere teams are generally better than ours but do northern hemisphere commentators have to be quite so forelock-tugging in their presence?
While God Save the Queen is a forelock-tugging dirge, the French have an anthem as good as Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau in making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
Yet in a yellow-brick building in a place called Lilongwe a judge did what hundreds of other forelock-tugging lackeys have never had the guts to do - he turned her down.
His press conference demeanour veers from that of a good-natured after dinner speaker to the frustrated forelock-tugging of a school teacher at breaking point.
This 'get your hair cut, lad' attitude typifies the anachronistic, forelock-tugging outlook that regards racing in Britain as the exclusive province of the old boy network and keeps new - and, more especially, younger - customers from flowing through the turnstiles.
His lack of any significant connection with Welsh rugby or indeed Wales shows this to be the type of forelock-tugging sycophancy on the part of the Union that one thought had ended in the 1930s.