foregone conclusion

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foregone conclusion

1. An inevitable result. After how poorly the team has played so far this season, it's a foregone conclusion that they won't make it to the championship.
2. A view or belief that one has before receiving all pertinent information. Don't come to any foregone conclusions about the accident, all right? Let me tell you the whole story first.
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foregone conclusion

Cliché a conclusion already reached; an inevitable result. That the company was moving to California was a foregone conclusion. That the mayor will win reelection is a foregone conclusion.
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foregone conclusion, a

1. An outcome regarded as inevitable, as in The victory was a foregone conclusion.
2. A conclusion formed in advance of argument or consideration, as in The jury was warned to consider all of the evidence and not base their decision on a foregone conclusion . This idiom probably was invented by Shakespeare ( Othello, 3:3) but scholars are not agreed as to his precise meaning. [c. 1600]
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a ˌforegone conˈclusion

a result that is certain to happen: It’s a foregone conclusion that Spain will win tonight’s match.
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Film review: page 38 FOREGONE CONCLUSION Foregone Conclusion perform original songs written by Ricky Gervais, with hilarious lyrics.
Due to the 6-4 conservative majority on the Board, it is a foregone conclusion that the science curriculum in the state of Kansas will be altered to diminish evolution and introduce intelligent design.
However, Anwar, who wore and back braces due to a spinal injury, said he believed the decision is a foregone conclusion.
As soon as he announced, it was a foregone conclusion.
The perception is that it is a foregone conclusion (that synod will approve same-sex blessings) and he is giving the victory speech.
During the war years (more or less freed from any balletic opposition) the Vic-Wells Ballet, now called the Sadler's Wells Ballet, achieved virtually the status of a national ballet, and it was almost a foregone conclusion that when Covent Garden was reopened after the war, the Sadler's Wells Ballet would move in as its constituent ballet company.
Robson said: "The title isn't a foregone conclusion for Arsenal - and the places below are up for grabs.
It's easy to forget that the American Revolution was not a foregone conclusion.
One is to make you believe that defeat is a foregone conclusion.
For some hoteliers, the departure of the Navy is a foregone conclusion.
However, industry observers have said that a rapid increase in passenger volumes was not a foregone conclusion and that if this did occur, the poor financial situation of many of China's airlines would impede their ability to increase capacity to meet demand according to Reuters.
For European intellectuals it was the book, not the Maxim gun, which made victory in the contest with indigenous opposition a foregone conclusion.
The commissioner emphasized that the SEC's acceptance of IASC standards was "not a foregone conclusion.
An extension of North Vietnam's socialist orientation to the South, more or less in tune with the Soviet model, was a foregone conclusion.