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foregone conclusion

An inevitable result. After how poorly the team has played so far this season, it's a foregone conclusion that they won't make it to the championship.
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foregone conclusion

Cliché a conclusion already reached; an inevitable result. That the company was moving to California was a foregone conclusion. That the mayor will win reelection is a foregone conclusion.
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foregone conclusion, a

1. An outcome regarded as inevitable, as in The victory was a foregone conclusion.
2. A conclusion formed in advance of argument or consideration, as in The jury was warned to consider all of the evidence and not base their decision on a foregone conclusion . This idiom probably was invented by Shakespeare ( Othello, 3:3) but scholars are not agreed as to his precise meaning. [c. 1600]
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a ˌforegone conˈclusion

a result that is certain to happen: It’s a foregone conclusion that Spain will win tonight’s match.
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References in classic literature ?
He hated to forego the meal, and we were just so much meat, cornered but inaccessible.
Had Steward commanded him to forego the chicken bone after it was in the corner, he would have served him by foregoing.
The pack had been loath to forego the kill it had hunted down, and it lingered for several minutes, making sure of the sounds, and then it, too, sprang away on the trail made by the she- wolf.
The Fisherman replied, "I should indeed be a very simple fellow if, for the chance of a greater uncertain profit, I were to forego my present certain gain.
Bankruptcy--a peculiar institution that enabled an individual, who had failed in competitive industry, to forego paying his debts.
And therefore these metals, which other nations do as grievously and sorrowfully forego, as in a manner from their own lives, if they should altogether at once be taken from the Utopians, no man there would think that he had lost the worth of a farthing.
Being able to possess it, I wrong myself and the life that is in me if I give it to you and forego the pleasure of possessing it.
Global Banking News-15 February 2010-Top executives at Barclays to forego bonus(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
In his view, the Palestinians could and should forego the right for the refugees to return, in favour of exercising another right--freedom in their own state.
And this year, after four season with the Cardinals, he opted to forego a three-year, $3.
These schools decided to forego landscaping and go ahead with asphalt,'' said Erik Nasarenko, district spokesman.
But over time, as volumes increase and cost becomes an issue, we think that OEMs will begin to forego the modules, since they add a variable cost.