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foregone conclusion

1. An inevitable result. After how poorly the team has played so far this season, it's a foregone conclusion that they won't make it to the championship.
2. A view or belief that one has before receiving all pertinent information. Don't come to any foregone conclusions about the accident, all right? Let me tell you the whole story first.
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foregone conclusion

Cliché a conclusion already reached; an inevitable result. That the company was moving to California was a foregone conclusion. That the mayor will win reelection is a foregone conclusion.
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foregone conclusion, a

1. An outcome regarded as inevitable, as in The victory was a foregone conclusion.
2. A conclusion formed in advance of argument or consideration, as in The jury was warned to consider all of the evidence and not base their decision on a foregone conclusion . This idiom probably was invented by Shakespeare ( Othello, 3:3) but scholars are not agreed as to his precise meaning. [c. 1600]
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a ˌforegone conˈclusion

a result that is certain to happen: It’s a foregone conclusion that Spain will win tonight’s match.
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Since Tillman has opted to remain tightlipped about why he decided to forego football fame and fortune to serve his country in the military, coaches and friends can only speculate.
Other schools Nasarenko said had chosen to forego landscaping include Chatsworth, Canoga Park and Lanai elementary schools.
But over time, as volumes increase and cost becomes an issue, we think that OEMs will begin to forego the modules, since they add a variable cost.
Volumes will be low enough for OEMs to forego expensive in-house development of RF expertise and use the module.