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Armored and infantry training operations have been modified to give the woodpecker a wide berth, forcing Army planners to explore methods for luring the birds away from the military operations area and into a more stable habitat.
During the first weeks of the war, the rapid advance on Baghdad stretched these supply lines vulnerably far." Through Iraqi insurgents couldn't beat American armor and infantry units in head-to-head battles, they mounted devastating guerrilla attacks on lightly-armored and -armed convoys like the 507th, forcing American commanders to deploy entire combat brigades to guard our supply lines: Nor did matters improve after Baghdad fell.
Our F-15Cs have suffered catastrophic vertical stabilator failures, forcing us to limit the operational flight envelope for our front-line air superiority fighter.
We have made progress in this direction with the new space acquisition policy, which draws from the NRO's acquisition policy, and recognizes the inherent differences of space systems from other acquisition programs, while forcing us to manage risk early on.
In international airspace, American F-14s intercepted the airplane carrying the terrorists, forcing it to land at the U.S.
As they approached the landing zone, the pilots began to take small-arms fire and, apparently, refused to land, forcing the Rangers to jump from moving helicopters.