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The remedy, it said, was to release the Namazis "immediately and accord them an en forceable right to compensation and other reparations, in accordance with international law."
Those quick to resist the British government don't well consider what they talk of, when they talk of fighting the King's troops; they don't sit down first and count the costs; they don't consider that they are entering the lists with a power which is more than a match for all the other powers of Europe; they don't consider the horrors of a civil war: the terrible attendants even on a successful rebellion; much less, the fatal consequences of an unsuccessful, forceable opposition to their lawful sovereign and his lawful authority.
Ethyl alcohol produced by yeast fermentation is likely to remain the foremost worldwide biotechnological commodity for the forceable future (Pretoriuset al., 2003).
By discretionary, we mean that the behavior is not an en forceable requirement of the role or the job description, that is, the clearly specifiable terms of the persons employment contract with the organization; the behavior is rather a matter of personal choice, such that its omission is not generally understood as punishable".
That means in order for the non-compete clause to be en forceable, an appraisal firm can't simply ask employees to "sign this non-compete.-