force through

force (someone or something) through (something)

1. To physically push, shove, or jam someone or something into a particular space or thing. Hey, that box is full of breakables—don't just force it through that opening! I forced my little brother through the door of the haunted house despite his protests.
2. To aggressively act to ensure that something is accepted, approved, or allowed by some body or entity, especially amidst opposition. Good luck trying to force that bill through Congress—you're in for quite a fight.
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force someone or something through something

to push someone or something through an opening. First, you must force the others through the opening and then go through yourself. We forced the sofa through the door and scarred up the doorjamb.
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force something through something

to press or drive something through something that resists. They forced the bill through the legislature. We were not able to force the matter through the board of directors.
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