force in

force (someone or something) in

1. To persuade or pressure someone or an animal to enter some space or thing. Don't force her in there, she's scared of elevators! I ultimately had to force the dog in because we were running late.
2. To push, shove, or jam someone or something into a particular space or thing. That box is full of breakables, so don't just force it in there!
See also: force

force someone or something in(to) something

 and force someone or something in 
1. to make someone or something go into something. Please don't force me into that little room! They forced in many people.
2. to make someone or something fit into something. Don't try to force the plug into the socket. Don't force in the plug. Sam forced his buddy into the cabinet, and left him well hidden there.
See also: force
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XHTML will be a consolidating force in putting XML on map for Web designers.
To counter the surge, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) set up a task force in September to promote cooperation between police sections and forces.
A plain reading of these images is that they reveal an extraordinary exertion of armed federal force in an otherwise peaceful domestic setting in which no one is offering resistance.
How can we get unauthorized workers back into the work force in a legal way?