force hand

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force (one's) hand

To push one to do something that one is not inclined to do otherwise. (The phrase alludes to a hand of playing cards.) Dave still hasn't decided where he wants to go to dinner, so I'm going to force his hand—I need to make reservations as soon as possible! I was hoping to play golf today, but the storm forced my hand, so I stayed home instead. The president is trying to force Congress's hand by threatening a veto.
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force someone's hand

to force a person to reveal plans, strategies, or secrets. (Alludes to a handful of cards in card playing.) We didn't know what she was doing until Tom forced her hand. We changed our game plan after we forced the other team's hand in the first period.
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force (someone's) hand

To force to act or speak prematurely or unwillingly.
See also: force, hand
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The force hand over the accused to the competent authorities for the completion of legal proceedings against them.
With the 21st and last B-2 stealth bomber in Air Force hands, Northrop Grumman is adding 250 new workers to its Antelope Valley work force as the company focuses on modifying the earlier versions of the bat-winged aircraft.