force down

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force down

1. To compel or physically force someone to swallow something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "force" and "down." This medicine tastes disgusting, but I do want to get better, so I'll force it down. The government has come under fire for ordering prison staff to force food down the hunger strikers' throats.
2. To push someone or something down. A noun or pronoun can be used between "force" and "down." Back when I used to be bigger than my brother, I could force him down with ease—not anymore!
3. To cause someone or something to move downward, such as a plane. A noun or pronoun can be used between "force" and "down." Severe turbulence forced the plane down—it had to make an emergency landing in Phoenix.
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force someone or something down

to press or push someone or something downward. I forced him down and slipped the handcuffs on him. The cop forced down the thug and handcuffed him. I forced the dog down and held it there.
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force something down

to force oneself to swallow something. I can't stand sweet potatoes, but I manage to force them down just to keep from making a scene. She forced down the sweet potatoes.
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force down

1. To cause someone or something to descend or land by use of force: Engine failure forced down the aircraft. On sighting the hostile helicopter, the soldier engaged it and forced it down.
2. To swallow something that one does not want to swallow: To be polite, I forced down the awful-tasting food. I forced the unpleasant cough syrup down.
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UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: "Trying to force down the cost of a degree after the Government got its sums wrong will not solve the funding crisis it created.
The effect of this could bring down the cost of flying from regional airports, as a greater choice of flights outside southeast England would increase competition, which would ultimately force down prices.
The chain is placed onto the jig, and a hydraulic press is used to force down the side plate onto the link pins.
A new ultra low force version of the LSP-S4 measurement head is now available with a trigger force down to 0-005 N, which parent company Hexagon Metrology says prevents scratch marks or other damage caused to the part during inspection.
But housing experts said it could force down house prices in poor areas and push them up in rich neighbourhoods with low crime.
THE GOVERNMENT should hold a referendum to force down the pay of judges, according to Fine Gael.
The automaker recalled the vehicles because of a loose floormat than can force down the accelerator.
Combined with a huge increase in public debt, this will force down the value of the pound: Imports will become more expensive and overseas investors will look elsewhere.
The NBA is certain that new international and domestic beef supply pressures mean it is no longer sensible or realistic for slaughterers to force down ex-farm prices as soon as they think more finished stock might be coming forward.
Hundreds of people from across the country and abroad were competing in MERCURY REPORTER the event, during which opponents try to force down each other's feet in a best-of-three toedown in a similar manner to arm wrestling.
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