force down

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force someone or something down

to press or push someone or something downward. I forced him down and slipped the handcuffs on him. The cop forced down the thug and handcuffed him. I forced the dog down and held it there.
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force something down

to force oneself to swallow something. I can't stand sweet potatoes, but I manage to force them down just to keep from making a scene. She forced down the sweet potatoes.
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force down

1. To cause someone or something to descend or land by use of force: Engine failure forced down the aircraft. On sighting the hostile helicopter, the soldier engaged it and forced it down.
2. To swallow something that one does not want to swallow: To be polite, I forced down the awful-tasting food. I forced the unpleasant cough syrup down.
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The traditional response of abattoirs faced with an uncomfortable period of unexpectedly high cattle prices has been to bear the loss stoically but be alert for the earliest possible opportunity to force down the market and recoup their margins.
It says: "It is our opinion that the service needs of the public have been given less consideration than the OFT's desire to force down prices.
u A man tried to force down a car window to reach a two-year-old boy who was asleep in the back seat, police said yesterday.
Husky now has the clamp force down to 250 tons for start-up purposes, although normal production on the Index Machine needs only about 130 tons.
Trimming the sales force down from 325 to 240, NCM reaped the savings from the early retirement of 50 employees (including Kennedy) in 1990.
Conceptually similar to a kitchen compactor, Rocky Flats' 44-ton trash smasher drives a piston with 2,200 tons of compaction force down upon 35-gallon drums containing plastic, glass, and metal wastes.
Competitors recombine these elements to offer deeply discounted services, which continue to force down pricing.
Back in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher's Tories said mass unemployment was a price worth paying to force down wages and roll back workers' rights.
The models are being recalled because of a risk that a loose floormat can force down the accelerator.
Or are they, and others, using imports as a tactical tool to reduce cost of their purchases from UK-based processors and to force down the price of UK cattle to levels much lower than they otherwise would be?
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