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forage (around) (for something)

to search for something, especially something to eat. I will go to the kitchen and forage around for some cereal or something. The rabbits got into the garden and were foraging for a good meal.
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The flight activity of honey bees is greatly subjective to the weather and flow conditions along with the strength of colony and the number of foraging bees.
A total of 12,327 returning bees were observed for foraging activity during the study period.
Those fish that did not exhibit foraging behaviors were excluded from analyses for number of strikes made per prey items consumed.
Detecting this pattern among the Hadza, as has been found in several other species, tells us that such patterns are likely the result of general foraging strategies that many species adopt, across a wide variety of contexts," study co-author Brian Wood, an anthropologist at Yale University, said.
We don't have time to go out foraging ourselves and rely on the Andy's of this world to keep us supplied.
The foraging ecology is often characterized by food selection, habitat preferences and prey capturing tactic or behaviour employed by avian species in particular habitat (Dunchin et al.
Therefore, understanding factors influencing foraging behavior of juvenile and adult flycatchers also can provide insights into behavioral mechanisms of use of habitats by flycatchers in urban environments.
Well, foraging is not only fantastic fun but it also comes with a clean conscience - there is no food miles guilt associated with ingredients growing in your own neighbourhood.
of Wyoming) describes the remarkably complex structures and practices of foraging cultures, such as those in which members store up good will to tide them over the times they cannot hunt or gather.
In response to Foraging for Brambles in Issue 3, 2006: I enjoyed "Wildman" Steve Brill's article on Foraging for Brambles.
When pups first tag along with a foraging party, they're "fairly incompetent" says Thornton.
The squirrels became habituated to foraging around the ground, and as the bulbs emerged--hyacinth, daffodils, tulip--the squirrels nibbled up their delicate flowering stems, one and all, as if they were the most delectable asparagus tips
Researchers found that the technology can also help predict weight gains and growth of foraging animals.
We recorded stem type and size class used, foraging location, height, first behavior type observed and cumulative behaviors during 5-hour visual observation periods of 41 red-cockaded woodpecker groups.