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forage (around) (for something)

to search for something, especially something to eat. I will go to the kitchen and forage around for some cereal or something. The rabbits got into the garden and were foraging for a good meal.
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1991) provided insight into the ability of forages to maintain a stand once established under a controlled, ideal environment; they transplanted grasses and allowed them to fully establish prior to any pressures of weed invasion.
have been evaluated for use as forages with varying degrees of success in Australia and the U.
The present study was therefore, designed to (i) quantify the nutrient composition; (ii) dry mater and neutral detergent fiber (NDF) digestibility (in vitro); and (iii) CH4 emission potential of commonly used forage species in rabbits, in an effort to identify suitable forages for domestic and commercial rabbit's production.
Sampling: All forages were manually cut at early, mid and late stages of maturity at a height of 5 cm above the ground.
This year, in part due to new sponsorships and prizes, the number of entries in the contest jumped from about 185 to 375, making it one of the largest forage contests in the nation.
Forages in the early or midvegetative state offer the best nutrition for your animals.
You will also come to know how well or how poorly your horses, cows, goats or sheep do on it, and how much supplementation you will need to compensate for the lesser quality forages.
Emerging countries such as France, Ireland, China, India, and Brazil among others are the fast growing markets for forage seed.
One approach is to increase the amount of grazeable forages within a 1-km radius of the dairy.
However most farmers have learned from the feeding behaviour of their livestock that they prefer green forages like berseem oats and lucerne to wheat straw and other crop residues.
Nous avons eu des entretiens avec les responsables tunisiens et turkmenes au sujet des operations de forage dans ces pays", a declare Hedayatollah Khademi, vendredi.
Study was conducted to appraise mineral composition of forages at a Rural livestock farm in the peri-urban areas of Bhalwal city, Sargodha, Pakistan.
Current study revealed that quality and quantity of forage sorghum mixed with forage legumes can be obtained by growing forage sorghum in 30 cm apart rows and cluster ean in between the rows.
However, forages are not created equal and in order to accurately determine their nutrient value in horse diets, the fiber, starch, sugar and protein levels must be known.