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forage (around) (for something)

to search for something, especially something to eat. I will go to the kitchen and forage around for some cereal or something. The rabbits got into the garden and were foraging for a good meal.
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Good management can make a remarkable improvement in forage quality in both favorable and unfavorable weather conditions.
An Old Forage Is New Again" was published in the August 2015 issue of AgResearch Magazine.
One approach is to increase the amount of grazeable forages within a 1-km radius of the dairy.
The cellulose in forages comes in a number of different forms and the more complex and "matrixed" it becomes as a plant matures, the more difficult and time consuming the cecal fermentation process becomes.
That said, every year we do see more deer-friendly forage products hitting the market.
Although the technology can be used to predict the chemical composition of many different substrates, including forages, fecal spectroscopy is unique because it predicts the nutrient composition of forage that was actually consumed by grazing cattle (Leite and Stuth 1995; Lyons and Stuth 1992).
Commenting on the latest Forage Costs Review carried out by Kingshay with support from Terra Nitrogen, Mr Hague points to stocking rate and milk from forage as key areas where greater attention can bring positive rewards.
The ARS scientists are studying other chemical and physical characteristics of tall fescue, alfalfa and similar forages.
The addition of Cal/West Seeds expands Dow AgroSciences' alfalfa business and strengthens its global forages business.
Quatre (4) nouveaux forages destines a ameliorer l'approvisionnement en eau potable (AEP) de plusieurs villages de la wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi seront receptionnes fin avril courant, a indique, mardi dernier, un cadre de la direction des ressources en eau.
Both cool-season and warm-season forages are produced in the south-central USA providing a range of conditions and challenges for silage production.
However, new product innovations such as low fat high quality forages are stimulating market growth.
This project aims to improve livestock farmers livelihoods by evaluating appropriate options for forage and fodder production, and by developing community-based seed enterprises for feed and forages.
This research is part of Rangeland, Pasture, and Forages, an ARS national program (#205) described on the World Wide Web at www.