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forage (around) (for something)

to search for something, especially something to eat. I will go to the kitchen and forage around for some cereal or something. The rabbits got into the garden and were foraging for a good meal.
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In addition to increasing forage production, seeding desirable forages may also suppress or prevent weed invasions.
The present study was therefore, designed to (i) quantify the nutrient composition; (ii) dry mater and neutral detergent fiber (NDF) digestibility (in vitro); and (iii) CH4 emission potential of commonly used forage species in rabbits, in an effort to identify suitable forages for domestic and commercial rabbit's production.
2921774 Self-propelled chassis of special agricultural purpose for animal husbandry and forage production
An Agricultural Research Service (ARS) plant geneticist in Tifton, Georgia, has developed recommendations for fertilizing forage grass in the Southeast.
Il s'agit de la deuxieme campagne de forage en mer confiee a GSP par la compagnie tuniso-algerienne Numhyd en Tunisie, apres les operations de forage d'exploration realisees par GSP Saturne en 2011 et 2012.
1993) reported that in cows, the amount of dry forage or silage intake was not decreased unless the physiological range was exceeded by the volume of water in the balloon inserted in the rumen and by increases in ruminal fluid osmolality.
We used a 48 h acclimation period because these fish were well fed and we found in a pilot study that they needed more than 24 h to become hungry enough to forage in a reasonable amount of time in an experimental trial.
Whether you own or rent a few acres of land that you use for pasture, or you raise forage on a large scale, you've probably seen that your animals will quickly devour some species while they turn their noses up at others.
of Marketing says, "The acquisition of Hay & Forage Grower combined with the expertise of the Hoard's Dairyman brand gives us the dominant position in addressing bovine forage and feeding needs for all those who grow hay and forage crops for beef and dairy animals.
Most of the dairy animals are in and around the intensively cultivated irrigated regions except for some rain fed areas such as Rawalpindi-Islamabad and Mirpurkhas There is no land for grazing therefore animals are kept at the homestead and stall fed on cultivated forage crop residues and concentrates.
One study reported that, of all the ecosystems studied, 75% had at least one key predator species whose diet consisted of at least 50% or more of forage fish.
La compagnie petroliere irlandaise Circle Oil a lance sa premiere campagne de forage au large des cotes tunisiennes avec celui du puits EMD-1relevant du permis Mahdia.
The Hadza are one of the last big-game hunters in Africa, and one of the last groups on Earth to still forage on foot with traditional methods.
ABSTRACT: Agro-qualitative response of forage sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.