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forage (around) (for something)

to search for something, especially something to eat. I will go to the kitchen and forage around for some cereal or something. The rabbits got into the garden and were foraging for a good meal.
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Waldron and his research partners * have published findings that give ranchers even more reason to like the forage perennial.
He will provide essential support to distributors in relation to British Seed Houses' growing forage crop portfolio, including the highly-successful Aber grass and clover varieties, forage maize, perennial chicory and a developing range of forage brassicas.
Small grains have tremendous forage potential with high quality and digestibility in the vegetative stage, but quality rapidly declines as they go through the reproductive growth phase, Bruening said.
Good management can make a remarkable improvement in forage quality in both favorable and unfavorable weather conditions.
The global market for turf, ornamentals and forage inputs comprises of supplying, managing and sale of various forage seeds and different types of turf and ornamental grasses.
The forage grass was discovered on a farmer's shaded hilltop in a long-time pasture that had never been seeded with commercial forages.
Incorporation of principles of a complementary forage system (Farina et al.
Appointing of forage sorghum yield in the drought stress and water use efficiency.
So, what's "new" in deer food often turns out to be one of two things: (1) a forage developed for livestock but now being extended for use in feeding wildlife; or (2) some blend of established varieties formulated to work well together in a given region or set of site conditions.
Fall rains and warm temperatures initiate forage germination and growth, which slows as temperatures cool.
1) BUCK FORAGE PRODUCTS' Buck Forage Oats are highly attractive to deer at just the right time--hunting season
United States suggested that the only forage the court found you owned on these lands was a strip 50 feet on each side of your irrigation ditches.
Brown thrashers forage through the undergrowth, cardinals and finches and squirrels perform stunning acrobatics as they feast on figs in season.