for (all) one's trouble

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for (all) one's trouble

In exchange for the effort that one has made. Usually, the "reward" that such effort yields is negative. A: "But you've been so much better about getting to work on time!" B: "Yep, and all I got for my trouble was the boss criticizing my typing skills instead." And what did I get for all my trouble? A lousy commemorative pin.
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for (all) one's trouble

in spite of one's efforts; in return for one's efforts. (Implies that the "trouble" was not worth taking, or was harmful.) He got a punch in the jaw for all his trouble. For her trouble, she got only honorable mention.
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for (all) one’s trouble

phr. in spite of one’s efforts; in very poor payment for one’s efforts. He got a punch in the jaw for all his trouble.
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for one’s trouble

See also: for, trouble
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YOU'RE acting as the receiver for someone's troubles or a transmitter to bring them answers.