for practical purposes

for (all) practical purposes

In reality; basically. For all practical purposes, I might as well have not handed in this proposal at all, with how swiftly the board rejected it.
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for (all) ˈpractical purposes

in actual fact; in reality: Your daughter does so little work at school, Mrs Brown, that for all practical purposes she might as well not be here at all.
See also: practical, purpose
References in classic literature ?
That is to say, we will regard it as, for practical purposes, a luminous point.
Casaubon and the banishment from Lowick, he was rather happy; getting a great deal of fresh knowledge in a vivid way and for practical purposes, and making the "Pioneer" celebrated as far as Brassing (never mind the smallness of the area; the writing was not worse than much that reaches the four corners of the earth).
For virtue may be under the guidance of right opinion as well as of knowledge; and right opinion is for practical purposes as good as knowledge, but is incapable of being taught, and is also liable, like the images of Daedalus, to 'walk off,' because not bound by the tie of the cause.
They did not actually use this archaic abyss as a bunker, because it was by tradition unfathomable, and even for practical purposes unfathomed.
In two years and a half he had learned to speak English for practical purposes, but these had never included the statement that some one had intimidated and seduced his wife.
For practical purposes, the West Bank construction freeze has not, strictly speaking, involved a total moratorium on building.
While I accept that, for practical purposes, not everything that is said at a meeting needs to be recorded, the minutes should reflect accurately what happened.
I am suggesting that, for practical purposes, both English and Welsh should be used in station announcements in Wrexham, with English first because it is more widely understood, not just amongst visitors, but by the vast majority of my constituents.
But it's hard to see how this percentage, or any other, is significant, since Internet space is not for practical purposes limited.
In addition, the drafters recognized that, for practical purposes, sales should be sourced based on where the taxable property would be used.
For practical purposes, we will classify switches into two major categories, unintelligent and intelligent.
Just because people used the idea of resurrection for practical purposes, she says, does not mean they did not fully believe in it.
Perhaps equally important for practical purposes is that these bean-derived actuators work without adenosine triphosphate (ATP), comments Constantinos Mavroidis of Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.
For business owners, these can be tough checks to write out, because for practical purposes they are better off if the money going out never comes back in the form of a paid claim.
For practical purposes, the Handbook is essential as both a time saving and illustrative device.