for (one's) pains

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for (one's) pains

In return or compensation for one's efforts, troubles, or work. Typically the compensation is not worth the effort put in or the trouble taken. When he retired from the force, all they gave him for his pains was a cheap wristwatch. I've tried to talk to my neighbors about it, but all I've gotten for my pains is the door slammed in my face.
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for one's pains

In return for the trouble one has taken, as in And all he got for his pains was a failing grade. This expression is nearly always used ironically to indicate that the return was not appropriate to the effort made. [First half of 1500s]
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for your ˈpains

(especially British English, often ironic) as payment, reward or thanks for something you have done: I helped them in the shop for a week, and all I got for my pains was a box of chocolates.
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