for one

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for (someone or something)

Supporting or approving of someone or something. Can you believe he's for building that new shopping center right in the middle of town?

for one

Used after a name or personal pronoun to emphasize something about oneself or someone. The phrase is more formally set apart by commas on either side, but these are often omitted in everyday writing. I can tell you that I for one am really happy about the changes to the tax law they've introduced. A: "Who is coming to the movie later?" B: "Mary, for one, but I haven't heard back from anyone else."
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for one

Also, for one thing. As the first of several possible instances. For example, Everything seemed to go wrong; for one, we had a flat tire, and then we lost the keys, or I find many aspects of your proposal to be inadequate; for one thing, you don't specify where you'll get the money . For one can also be applied to a person, as in He doesn't like their behavior, and I for one agree with him.
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I, you, etc. could use a ˈdrink, etc.

(spoken) I, you, etc. need a drink, etc: We could use some extra help just at the moment.
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I, you, etc. for ˈone

used to emphasize that a particular person does something and that you believe other people do too: It’s getting late and I, for one, must be going.‘Who says stamp collecting is strange?’ ‘Well, Jack, for one, and I’m pretty sure Jane does too.’
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