for one

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for (someone or something)

Supporting or approving of someone or something. Can you believe he's for building that new shopping center right in the middle of town?
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for one

As one example or reason (out of several potential ones). Often used after a name or personal pronoun to count someone or oneself as an example of something. Why don't I like musicals? Well, for one, I just can't take a story seriously when it's set to music. I can tell you that I for one am really happy about the changes to the tax law they've introduced. A: "Who is coming to the movie later?" B: "Mary, for one, but I haven't heard back from anyone else."
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for one

Also, for one thing. As the first of several possible instances. For example, Everything seemed to go wrong; for one, we had a flat tire, and then we lost the keys, or I find many aspects of your proposal to be inadequate; for one thing, you don't specify where you'll get the money . For one can also be applied to a person, as in He doesn't like their behavior, and I for one agree with him.
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I, you, etc. for ˈone

used to emphasize that a particular person does something and that you believe other people do too: It’s getting late and I, for one, must be going.‘Who says stamp collecting is strange?’ ‘Well, Jack, for one, and I’m pretty sure Jane does too.’
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Is it too late for one to remember the very reason one is given this privilege?
It is precisely a permanent identity that both of them willed into existence for one another.
"I've often wondered if our selection of it for One Book influenced the Times," Blount says.
Our politicians have to be cautioned that when they entangle America in group conflicts, most particularly religious conflicts, their political understanding must go beyond standing for what's right for one side to standing for what's right for all sides.
In the 2000 presidential race, for instance, approval voting would have enabled Nader supporters to vote for him and also for one of the two stronger contenders.
The same level of informal socialization may not be required of an individual promoted within the institution but, for one coming from outside, the support of those already here during the early stages of network cultivation is invaluable.
Suppose one is reading the text, seeking divine guidance for one's own life or scriptural grounding for one's beliefs (predestination or free will?
If employment at a work location is realistically expected to last for one year or less, the employment is temporary (in the absence of facts and circumstances indicating otherwise).
For one thing, he was virtually unique in ballet in his rare gift for comedy--in works such as The Concert (1956) or his much earlier piece to Copland's Clarinet Concerto, The Pied Piper (1951), not even to mention that first Fancy Free, he produced ballets that were really funny.
The need for such help, Martin Davies remarked, is not surprising, because "the Bollandists themselves have confessed that they knew practically nothing" of this saint.(16) In both cases special descriptive texts helped the artist face an unfamiliar text for one part of a job, and the patrons had to take steps to include this theme, as with Ranieri.
The pawns, more uniform than the other "pieces," were drawn from the Boijmans' spectacular collection of applied art (for one "side" or "team," silver objects; for the other, mainly glass, or china).
Finley brought Billings up to date and said: "The trouble with the iron-to-gold idea is, for one thing, that the total quantity of iron in The Goose is only about half a gram; yet nearly forty grams of gold a day are being manufactured."
(Haywood, authorized to commit as much as$500 million of his firm's capital, has an all-time high for one month of $5 million in profit for his firm.)
We spent two fifths of our travel funds--money intended for reporting trips or consular investigations--doing advance work for one of his visits.
For one entire summer my friends and I did the same thing around two old oaks.